GoDaddy Promo Codes Updated for June 2017:

Whether you’re looking to save on domains, hosting, or one of many products that Godaddy offers, we have promo codes for virtually anything. Just click on the button below to reveal the code. Then, when you reach their shopping cart, the enter the code where Godaddy tells you to.

Best Coupon Codes Available Right Now:

  • Best Deal! Save 30% Off All New Products!

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    Use this promo code to save 30% off all new products at GoDaddy. This is an all-purpose coupon code that will take a full 30% off all new products. So if you are buying a new domain name as well as website hosting, ssl certificates, etc., then this is the best all-purpose promo code GoDaddy offers.

    This promo code has been tested this week and is working. Here’s Proof.

  • Get a 99 Cent .COM Domain Name:

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    Use this coupon code to register a .COM domain name for only 99 cents! This is the best domain promo code available right now.
  • Get Economy Hosting for $1.00/Month:

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    Regularly $7.99/month, you can purchase GoDaddy’s economy hosting package for just $1.00/month. You’ll save over 85% off the regular price with this coupon!
  • Get a Domain, Email and Website Builder for Just $1/month!

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    This promo code enables you to get a website starter package that includes a domain name, email and website builder for just $1/month.
  • Save 25% Off SSL Certificates:

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    This promo code is made specifically for SSL certificates. Save 25% off all standard SSL certificates with this promotional offer.
  • Get Your .CA Domain: $4.99 For the First Year Domain Registration

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    Register any .CA domain for $4.99 for the first year (two years registration required) when you use this coupon code. Remember that for .CA domain registrations, you need to be a resident of Canada or have a representative in Canada.
  • Save 30% Off Microsoft Office 365 with GoDaddy:

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    Sign up for Microsoft Office 365 with GoDaddy and save 30% off the regular price when you use this promo code.
  • Save 30% Off New Products:

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    Save 30% Off New Products. This promo code says that it’s for Canadian customers, but even with a US shopping cart it worked perfectly fine.
  • Sign Up For GoDaddy Pro for Free:

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    GoDaddy is a new service for web developers. It is designed to help you work easier: you can access your client’s GoDaddy account without sharing passwords. You can also add products to your client’s shopping cart where they can pay with their desired payment method. You also have access to site monitoring, so you can see website outages or performance issues right away. You also have access to exclusive support that regular customers don’t have.
  • Save 25% Off WordPress Hosting:

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    GoDaddy is now offering wordpress-optimized hosting. This promo code will save you 25% off all wordpress hosting packages with GoDaddy.
  • Coupon Code For $1.49 .COM Domain Names!

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    Use this coupon code to get a $1.99 .COM domain name (regularly $14.99/year). If you don’t want private registration then this is the best .COM deal out there.
  • $8.99 .NET or .COM Promo Code

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    Register any .COM or .NET for $8.99. Since GoDaddy offers .COM’s for $0.99 (with the above promo codes), the only reason to use these is for the .NET feature. This is a good price for .NET domain extensions, since they don’t have sales for them very often.
  • Save 30% Off Reseller Hosting from GoDaddy:

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    If you’re looking into Reseller hosting this is a great deal: save 30% off all new Reseller Hosting plans.
  • .CLUB Domain Name Registration for $14.99/Year + One Year Free:

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    Save big on .CLUB domain names. You can have a .CLUB for $14.99 for the first year with this promo code. On top of that, you will get a second year of .CLUB registration for free!
  • 10% Off GoDaddy’s “Get Found” Service:

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    Save 10% off “Get Found” from GoDaddy. This service helps your small business get found on platforms like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. You supply GoDaddy with your business’ address and phone number, and GoDaddy makes sure that your accurate info will appear in Google when potential customers search for services in your area. For example, Google Places has local restaurants, dental offices, etc. built into their maps. GoDaddy makes sure that all that information is correct, so that customers can contact you when they want to.
  • .ASIA Domain Name Promo Code for $19.99/Year

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    Use this promo code to register any .ASIA domain name for $19.99/year. According to iCann regulations, you need to either be a resident of an Asian country or have a representative residing in Asia in order to register this domain extension.
  • .US Domain Name for $3.99

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    Register a .US domain name for a paltry $3.99.
  • $1.99 .COM Domain Name Promo Code

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    This is another coupon code for $1.99 .COM domain names.
  • $1/month Shared Hosting with cPanel:

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    $1/month Hosting! This coupon code will give you a shared hosting plan, plus cPanel for $1/month.
  • 25% off WordPress Hosting:

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    Save 25% off all new Godaddy products. This includes domain names, hosting, website builder, SSL certificates, and more.
  • Another 50% off Hosting Coupon Code

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    This is another 50% off hosting coupon. This is good for all new hosting plans.
  • Get a $3 .COM plus Private Registration for just $1.

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    This coupon code gives you a $3 .COM domain name, with an option for private registration for just $1.
  • Get 28% Off All New Products!

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    New Customers Deal: – New customers can get 28% off everything at Godaddy with this promotion. This includes domain names, hosting, website builders and anything else you may need to get started. This is a limited time promotion. (Instead of a coupon code, the 28% discount applies automatically when you click the coupon)
  • $4 .COM With Free Private Registration:

    Get a $4 .COM domain name with FREE private registration. Private registration (normally $9.99 by itself) keeps your name and email off the WHOIS database. This keeps your contact information from being put on spammy email lists. I highly recommend getting it.
  • Save 50% Off WordPress Hosting:

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    GoDaddy is offering $1/month WordPress Hosting.

Promo Codes for .COM Domains

.COM domain names are the most popular and well known domain names. As a result, they also happen to be the hardest to get. While there’s a lot of dispute about whether a ‘.COM’ domain factors into a website’s search engine rankings (SEO) over .net and .info domains, it does create a sense of familiarity with your audience when they see that a familiar domain extension.

  • .COM Domain Name and Private Registration

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    Register a .COM domain plus get free private registration for $4.


Website Hosting Promo Codes:

GoDaddy is known mainly as a domain registrar, but you can also host your website with them. They offer shared hosting, as well as dedicated servers for larger websites.

For more Godaddy Hosting Promo Codes, Click Here.

  • Web Hosting and Free Domain for $1/Month:

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    Best Deal! GoDaddy is offering their economy hosting for $1.00/month. That means you can get a whole year of website hosting for $12! Combine that with the$0.99 .COM domain promo code above and you have your own website and domain for a year for $15.
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    This promotion gets you 50% off your hosting plan. If you are buying multiple years at a time, then this is the best offer:
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    This promo code will give you 20% off your hosting plan, and is good for one year or longer (the longer the plan, the more savings you’ll get).
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    Don’t want to commit long term? You don’t have to pay more. This promo code will get you 10% off your month to month hosting plan.
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    This coupon gives you a full $25 off your purchase of $75 dollars or more. For smaller orders (under $150 this coupon is more effective than most ‘percentage’ coupons).

For those looking for a VPS Hosting option from Godaddy, check out our Godaddy VPS Coupons here.

Godaddy Domain Name Promo Codes:

godaddy promo code applied to cart

This is the savings I got from using the “CJC295C” on a .COM domain!

SSL Certificate Promo Codes:

What is an SSL Certificate?
An SSL certificate is an encryption layer added to your website. What that means is that any information you give that website is securely encrypted, and that no one can ‘listen in’ when your giving information to that website. Most online merchants like Visa and Masterard require you to have an SSL certificate if you’re taking credit card payments. If you’re going to be handling credit card information on your site, then you need it. If you want to your e-commerce site to have more than just Paypal, then you should go for it.

  • 25% off SSL Certificates:

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    This coupon code saves you 25% off SSL certificates orders.

Click here to view more Godaddy SSL Coupon Codes.

Godaddy Private Registration Promo Codes:

Do I need private registration?

When you register a domain name, your personal information, including email address and even phone number, are listed on this WHOIS database. There is an option to register your information privately, but it costs money for that privilege (kind of like having an unlisted phone number).

  • Get 1 Free Private Registration for Your Domain Name:

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    This promo codes gets you 1 free private registration. You need to spend at least $50 total for the promo code to apply. But once you do this will save you about 43% on average.

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Promo Codes:

What does Godaddy’s Search Engine Visibility service do?

According to Godaddy, their service will submit your site to the major search engines and directories. The service also includes an extensive analytics program with optimization tips.

  • Save 30% Off Search Engine Visibility Service:

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    This coupon code will give you 30% off Google’s search engine visibility service.

If you know of a promo code that’s not on this list, feel free to contact us here and we’ll add it to our list as soon as we can.

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a small commission if you make a purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me using the contact form in the footer below!

More Way to Connect to GoDaddy:

The GoDaddy Youtube channel features many helpful tutorials on the services they provide, as well as interviews with industry leaders that entrepreneurs may find interesting: – You can connect with GoDaddy’s customer service here. They are pretty responsive to user tweets to them. You can also follow them to learn about new features and special promotions that they are currently running.

Godaddy on Facebook – You can connect with GoDaddy on Facebook here. Their Twitter and Facebook profiles are virtually identical, so if you follow them on one, you don’t need to follow them on the other.

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