iStockphoto Coupon Code

iStockphoto Coupon Code

iStockphoto Coupon Codes for November 2015:

To use these promo codes, click on the blue coupon button below to reveal the code. A new window will open up that will take you to Order your products, and then when you reach the online shopping cart, paste the coupon code in the box.

New at iStockphoto as of September 13, 2014: all file sizes are the same price now! You can read more about it here.

iStockPhoto has also just changed their credit structure as of September 13th, 2014 so expect to see a lot of new promo codes from them soon.

Best iStockphoto Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • New Customers: Save 14% Off Credit Packs of 6 Or More!

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    Best Deal! Use this iStock promo code to save 14% off all credit pack purchases of 6 or more. This discount code is valid until December 31st.
  • Save 12% Off Credit Packs Of 12 or More:

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    This is a great deal for customers that don’t want to commit to a larger purchase: save 12% off credit packs of 12 or more. This promo code is valid until December 31st.
  • Save 15% Off Monthly iStock Subscriptions:

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    New! Since June of 2014 iStock has been offering image subscription plans starting at $199/month. Other websites like Getty Images have similar subscription plans. If you use a lot of stock photos on your website, this will save you money. This coupon code will save you 15% off a 1-year subscription plan, around $30 a year and up depending on what package you buy. This promo code is valid until December 31st.

    This coupon code has been tested this week and it was working. Here’s proof!

  • Save 15% on Annual iStock Subscriptions:

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    This promo code will work for annual subscriptions, instead of monthly. But even though both coupons are for 15%, this one will save you more money overall. How? Yearly subscriptions will cost less overall compared to monthly subscriptions, and when you add the 15% savings onto the lower monthly rate, you pay even less. So if you can commit to an annual subscription, this is the best subscription promo code.

  • Save 8% Off Any Credit Pack:

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    This promo code will also save you 8% off any credit pack. There is no minimum purchase for this coupon code, so if you just want to buy one image, this is the most useful code for you. This promo code only works for new customers. And one more note: this promo code expires December 31st.
  • Save 20% Off Credit Packs:

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    As part of iStock’s summer sale, they are offering 8% off all credit packs of 30 or more.
  • Save 14% Off For New Customers:

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    Save 14% off for new customers.
  • Existing Customers: Save 8% Off

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    For existing customers: Save 8% off credits.
  • Save 14% Off 360 or More Credit Packs:

    Another 14% off promo code for 360+ credit packs.
  • Save 12% Off 45-150 Credits:

    Another 12% off coupon code for 45-150 credit packs.
  • 5-Day Sale: Save 20% Off iStock Credit Packs:

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    For five days only, use this iStockphoto coupon code to save a full 20% off all credit packs. This promotion ends on September 25th, 2015.

New! One flat fee for all file sizes

Typically microstock companies have different price tiers for the different resolution sizes of their stock images, with smaller sizes being cheaper and larger sizes being more expensive. iStockphoto has done away with that and all file sizes are the same price now, so in my opinion you should always get the highest resolution size possible as you can always size it down as necessary using a graphics program. If you don’t have much budget for software at your company then GIMP is an open source alternative to Photoshop, and has all the tools that would be necessary at the beginner level. If you need complex graphic work done then you are probably best to hire a professional graphic designer. Or if you don’t want to size down the images yourself you are allowed to re-download any image size at any time for images that you have purchased after September 13th, 2014.

‘But I only need the smaller file sizes for the web?’ It might be true that you mainly use stock photography for your blog or website, but you never know when you might find yourself being featured in print media, making posters, signage, etc. in which case you will need high resolution files. You should especially make sure that you have high resolution versions of your logo or any images that are an important part of your branding or advertising.

For any images that you have purchased prior to September 13th, 2014 you can re-download different file sizes that are smaller or the same as the size that you originally purchased.

iStockPhoto’s New Collections

Also launched on September 13th, 2014 are iStockPhoto’s new collections: Essentials and Signature. The Essentials collection is exactly what it sounds like, stock photography for day to day content publishing on your blog or website. These images are less expensive and suited more to general business and blogging needs. The Signature Collection is their premium collection and has folded in the old Vetta Collection, all of those images are now available through the Signature Collection plus vectors and illustrations. The Signature Collection image are more expensive, but they tend to feature images that are more creative, artistic, and often heavily edited which might be what you are looking for. These type of images are well suited to advertising.

iStockphoto WordPress Plugin

iStockphoto has developed a convenient WordPress plugin so that you can search for, purchase, and insert stock images from iStockphoto directly into your blog posts without having to leave the WordPress backend. A huge time saver! The plugin is free to download and easy to use. Once you have the plugin installed and have verified your account information for iStockphoto you can then search their image database directly through the WordPress Media Library. You can download images that you have already purchased or you can buy new ones and use them right away.

There is also a built-in photo editor so you can crop, add text, resize, add filters, stickers, or frames, or use the touch up tools to edit the image. The photo editor stores a copy of the original photo and the edited one, so the original is not lost. Again this is all done within the WordPress backend so you don’t have to spend time flipping back and forth between WordPress and your image editor. This plugin also automatically adds copyright captions for you.

About iStockphoto:

istockphoto coupon code
iStockphoto started out as ‘iStock’, and was one of the first ‘microstock‘ photography sites to exist.
Dating back to the year 2000, iStock bypasses traditional stock photo agencies and instead provides a marketplace for photographers to sell their images directly to the people who want to use them. The ‘microstock’ movement is mostly centered on the internet, where multitudes of websites and blogs will use stock photography in their articles. Before the internet was widely used stock photography was sold via CD-ROMS, and you had to purchase entire image packages even if you only wanted to use one or two. People can also use these websites in advertisements that they create.

Initially iStock actually gave away their images for free, and also allowed photographers to upload their images to the database. It was a radical concept at the time, and it took off like wildfire. Their bandwidth usage bills quickly climbed to $10,000 a month so they asked if their users would be willing to pay for the service, the response was a resounding yes. Thus the ‘microstock’ business model was born, and in the years since then many other microstock companies have cropped up.

iStockPhoto is actually a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Around the Web:

Twitter – Follow iStock on Twitter here.

Facebook – Prefer Facebook? You can follow them here and be the first to learn about new features/promotions on the site.

Youtube – iStockphoto has a fantastic youtube channel where you can learn all about how to create stock photos and use them yourself. If you unsure about how to mark your photos before uploading them to iStock’s website, you can learn a lot here. We’ll post one of their tutorial videos here for you:

iStock on Youtube:

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