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How to Install a Godaddy SSL Certificate

Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Install a Godaddy SSL Certificate: This guide will take you through the process of adding your newly-purchased SSL Certificate to your Hosting Account. We’ll also have a few tips and point out some common mistakes to avoid. Step 1: Activate the Product After you purchase your Certificate, you’ll be taken to a screen to activate ... Read More »

what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name?

“A domain name is a completely unique name that points to an internet resource, mostly commonly a website.” There can’t be any duplicates with domain names, so if a domain name that you want to use is already taken you will have to come up with an alternative. To access a website the DNS (Domain Name System, think of it ... Read More »

How To Transfer a Domain Between Two Godaddy Accounts

This is something I recently had to do when I accidentally registered a domain in my ‘personal’ account, instead of my ‘company’ account. Searching through Godaddy’s support forums is like a needle in the haystack, so I thought that I would put together a straightforward how-to post to help people that need to transfer a domain name. While my situation ... Read More »

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost in under 3 minutes! So you’ve purchased your domain name, signed up for a hosting plan with Bluehost, and are now ready to start making a great website. If you haven’t yet signed up for Bluehost, click here to view a special offer for wordpress users. But first, you need to install a CMS ... Read More »