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Best WordPress Hosting Companies

Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Company: Numerous web hosting companies include WordPress hosting in web hosting packages. The companies assume 100% responsibility for managing WordPress websites, including security, uptimes, data transfer speeds, daily updates, daily backups, and scalability. The primary benefit of running your business website through the WordPress platform is you enjoy a mostly hassle-free website. This ... Read More »

interserver coupon codes

InterServer Coupon

InterServer has been around for 15 years and does things a little differently than the other hosts. They build all their own servers and even custom build their Linux kernels. They offer savings on multi-year hosting plans, or if you prefer to pay monthly they have a coupon for your first month of hosting for 1 cent. Read More »


How to Install WordPress with Godaddy

How to Install WordPress with Godaddy If you’re new to creating websites or are transferring over to Godaddy from another web host, installing wordpress on your website can be a bit confusing. Godaddy does not use the ‘hosting-standard’ cPanel, but instead uses a custom panel that Godaddy calls the Simple Control Panel. The name might sound ironic at first, but ... Read More »

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost in under 3 minutes! So you’ve purchased your domain name, signed up for a hosting plan with Bluehost, and are now ready to start making a great website. If you haven’t yet signed up for Bluehost, click here to view a special offer for wordpress users. But first, you need to install a CMS ... Read More »