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123-reg.co.uk Voucher Codes

    Voucher Codes for Domains, Web Hosting and Email for 123-reg.co.uk:

    Updated for May 2018:

    If you are from the UK then you have probably heard of 123-reg.co.uk: they are the largest domain provider in the United Kingdom. They currently have over 3 million domains registered with them as well as 1.4 million websites hosted on their servers. The company is larger than many well-known American domain registrars.

    These voucher codes are tested weekly and quickly replaced once they expire. You can also scroll down to learn more about this company, as well as read reviews of 123-reg.co.uk from well known review sites as well as some instructional how-to videos:

    • 15% Off .CO.UK Domains:

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    • Save 15% Off .Co.UK Domains:

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      Use this voucher code to save a full 15% off .Co.UK domain name registrations.
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    • Save 50% Off All Website Builder Packages!

      For the month of April, 123.reg.co.uk is offering all of their website builder packages for 50% off. So the ‘basic’ package (regularly priced at £119.88 per year) is now on sale for £59.88 per year. No promo code required for this offer.

    New January gTLDs for 123-reg.co.uk:

    This is the release schedule for the new domain extensions coming in September:

    • .DEGREE – January 14th
    • .FORSALE – January 14th
    • .BAND – January 14th

    How to Use Voucher Codes for 123-Reg.Co.Uk:

    Online shopping carts tend to hide their “Promo Code Box” so we have a quick how-to guide to help you use your voucher codes.

    Step 1:

    Select your desired products (i.e. domain names, hosting, SSL certificates) and place them in your shopping cart:

    123regcouk shopping cart voucher code missing

    As you can see from the image above, when you get to the shopping cart there is no place to enter your voucher code.

    Step 2: Skip the Add-ons:

    123.reg.co.uk will then ask you to log in or create an account. After that, they will try to sell you lots of add-on content like “Sitelock” and “website builders”. Just skip ahead until you get to the checkout screen:

    123regcouk where to enter voucher code

    There’s the Voucher Code box! It’s on the right hand side of the screen. You will see some text that says: “have a voucher code?” just above the “Referral Code” box, which is a completely different thing altogether.

    Click on “Have a Voucher Code?” and the box will appear. There you can enter your favourite voucher code.

    If the voucher code works properly, you’ll see this message:

    “Discount Applied to Basket”

    But if the code is expired or invalid, you’ll likely see this message instead:


    All About 123-reg.co.uk:

    123-reg.co.uk is a massive hosting company and domain registrar in the U.K.: the company hosts over 1.4 million websites, and has over 3 million domain names currently registered with them. They are part of a large hosting conglomerate called Host Europe Group. You may have never heard of ‘Host Europe Group’, but you may have heard of some of the companies that make up the Host Europe Group: 123-reg.co.uk, Webfusion, Domain Monster, etc.

    123-reg.co.uk Reviews:

    123regcouk voucher codes

    Here are some customer reviews for 123-reg.co.uk’s hosting service from the always excellent Whoishostingthis.com

    Some more reviews from ExpertReviews.co.uk.

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