A Small Orange Promo Code

A Small Orange Promo Codes

a small orange promo code

Welcome to our roundup of the best sales and discounts for A Small Orange Hosting! Included in this list are custom promo codes that have been supplied to us directly by A Small Orange, so you won’t see them anywhere else.

To reveal the promo codes, click on the blue buttons below. You will be taken to their website, where you can enter the promo code in their shopping cart. Happy Hosting!

Best Promo Codes for A Small Orange Hosting:

For a Limited Time: Save 25% Off All New Hosting Plans

A Small Orange is currently offering 25% off all new hosting plans when you use this coupon code. Expires December 16th.

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Limited Time Offer! Save 65% Off ASO Web Hosting Plans

This is a limited time offer! This promo code will save you 65% off ASO Web Hosting Plans.

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Take 30% Off Sitewide at A Small Orange!

For three days only, use this promo code to save 30% off all new products at ASO.

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Save 20% Off All A Small Orange Hosting Plans

This coupon code will save you 20% off all web hosting packages.

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Save 15% Off All Hosting Plans

Enter this exclusive coupon code (you won't find it anywhere else) to save 15% off all hosting plans. After doing a little math, we figured out how you can save the most money: you'll get the most savings from this promo code. The only exception is for the Tiny Plan, where the next coupon code (below) will save you more on a 1 year hosting plan.

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How to Use A Small Orange Coupon Codes:

Every company seems to have a unique way for you to enter promo codes. It’s almost as if most online merchants would rather you pay full price!

Here we will show you exactly where to enter the coupon codes to make sure you have no trouble saving some cash.

First, select the type of hosting you want. You have a choice between Shared, Reseller, Business, Cloud VPS, and Hybrid & Dedicated hosting:

A Small Orange - Types of Hosting Plans

“Tiny Hosting”, ASO’s most affordable hosting plan, is located under the “shared hosting” options, which range from $2.95/month (for Tiny) to $20/month for “Large”.

After selecting your desired hosting plan, you can choose your domain name. Either register a new one or point an existing domain at your new ASO server.

Then you’ll be taken to the shopping cart. The promo code box is located just below your order at the top of the screen:

A Small Orange - Enter Promo Code

Enter a promo code to see if it works. If the code works, you will get a message in green that says: “You Have Applied a Promo Code To This Order!”. If you like you can keep trying all the different coupons on our list to see which one gives you the best discount overall.

About A Small Orange Hosting Company:

A Small Orange started out in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003. Since then, ASO’s headquarters have moved to Austin, Texas. The company tries to hard to have a ‘small company’ feel for its customers, even as it becomes one of the more popular hosting companies in the United States. It was recently named on the five best web hosting companies by Lifehacker readers.

Based on searching their mentions on Twitter it seems like a lot of people move their website hosting over to A Small Orange and are very happy with the switch and level of customer support, particularly for people who consider themselves beginners. If you’ve ever had to deal with a condescending or impatient tech support rep before, you know that’s a huge deal.

Recent Developments at ASO:

In July 2010, ASO was acquired by Endurance International Group, which has also acquired dozens of other hosting companies like iPage, Fatcow, Bluehost and Hostgator.

The CEO of A Small Orange from 2010 to May 2014 was Douglas Hanna. After resigning last May, he announced that he’s working on a new startup called “Help.com”, which builds customer service software. One of the major investors in the new Help.com is Brent Oxley, whom you may know as the original founder of Hostgator. Before becoming CEO of ASO, he worked for Hostgator. So I guess they are bros?

It’s perfectly understandable to not recognize Brent Oxley’s name. You would have to be quite the web hosting geek to get that reference…

Features of ASO Hosting:

There are some pretty cool features that set them apart from other web hosts. We aren’t groupies trying to get you to sign up. But rather these are features of ASO that we noticed are unique and stand out among all the major hosting companies out there:

  • They promise not to bother you with emails trying to sell you more products and services (after working with a few different web hosts, you don’t know how annoying this can be).
  • A full 90-Day money back guarantee with no strings attached.
  • Even after the 90-day window, you are still eligible for a refund on a prorated basis. So if you cancel 6 months in to a 1 year pre-paid hosting plan, you will receive the remaining 6 months back.

A Small Orange’s Data-Centers:

ASO has 2 major data-centers here in the United States: Dallas, Texas, as well as Detroit, Michigan. These data-centers are gigantic: the Dallas location is the larger of the two: 68,000 square feet to Detroit’s 12,000. The company has all the state of the art tech you would imagine: multiple redunancies built-in, DDOS mitigation tech, and even on-site fuel (in case of a major blackout in the area).

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Around the Web:

Facebook – Follow A Small Orange on Facebook for updates, newsletters and special offers.

Twitter – Don’t use (or like) Facebook? You can also follow them on Twitter. It’s largely the same content on both platforms.


A Small Orange on YouTube:

Image Credits: All images on this page (with the exception of the title image) are screenshots taken from the ASO website.