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October 2020

a2hosting coupon codes
Speed is one of the major concerns that you should have in mind when picking a web hosting company. Nobody likes to use a slow website, so choosing a server that offers impressive load times needs to be at the top of your list. As you look for speed, you should at least consider choose a2 hosting, as they put a premium on the ability to deliver your pages in a hurry.

Before you buy any hosting from a2hosting, however, be sure to review the coupons that we have listed below. Although a2hosting.com offers competitive prices for their services, there is nothing wrong with saving even more through the use of these valuable codes. Our codes are frequently tested to ensure validity, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time that could be spent building your website. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope the coupons found below are exactly what you needed!

Best a2Hosting Coupons Right Now:

Save 51% Off Your Shared Hosting Plan with A2 Hosting

You can save 51% off your first billing cycle with A2 Hosting when you use this coupon code. So if you lock in two or even three years upfront, you'll save 51% off that total, instead of just your first month or first year.

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34% Off Reseller Web Hosting Coupon

Save 34% Off A2 Hosting's Reseller Hosting packages when you use this promo code.

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34% Off Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Use this coupon code and you'll save 34% off A2 Hosting's popular managed VPS hosting plans.

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Dedicated Hosting Promo Code: Save 17% Off!

Save 17% Off A2Hosting's Dedicated hosting plans when you enter this coupon code at checkout. Depending on the type of dedicated hosting package you choose, this could potentially save you hundreds of dollars!

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A2 WordPress Optimized Hosting For $3.92/Month

Use this coupon code when you purchase A2Hosting's Optimized WordPress Hosting Plan and you'll only have to pay $3.92/month.

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A Little Background Info on a2 Hosting:

a2 hosting promo code

a2’s company is built around building the fastest servers possible.

There is plenty of history behind this popular hosting company, as it has been doing business under the a2 name since all the way back in 2003.

Where is a2hosting located?

The company is based in Ann Arbor, MI – hence the ‘a2’ name – and it provides all of the standard features that you would expect from any reputable web host. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and more is offered by a2, all at rates that fall in line with the standards for the industry.

a2hosting.com is all about speed.

If there is one thing that helps a2 to stand apart from the rest of this crowded market it is their dedication to speed. As you may already know, purchasing a shared hosting account is a great way to save money – but it is not always the best way to deliver a fast experience to your site users. That story can change a bit when you opt for a2 Hosting, however, as they place an emphasis on getting your pages out as fast as possible. Specifically, they offer a ‘Turbo’ service (which is a premium feature on top of your basic hosting), which promises page loads that are up to 20x faster than a standard server. When speed is at a premium for your site and only the quickest host will do, don’t finish your search without at least considering a2 Hosting.

a2 Hosting on the Web:

The content that you will find on the social media channels maintained by a2 falls right in line with the expected from this type of company. There are blog posts with WordPress tips, notes on typography on your site, and many other pieces of content in this vein. Of course, these kinds of articles are popular on web hosting sites for a reason – they are relevant to the audience. You will likely find that at least some of the posts offered by a2 will hit home for you as website owner.

It is true that both Facebook and Twitter are actively used by a2 Hosting, however much of the content is simply duplicated from one site to the other. So, while these social media accounts are worth your attention, it really doesn’t make sense to follow them both. Add a2 on the social media platform of your choice and you will see everything they have to say – from informative content to contests and more. For what it’s worth, the Twitter account seems to be the more popular of the two, with over 8,000 followers to date, as compared to just over 3,000 on Facebook.

a2 Hosting on YouTube:

Remaining active on YouTube seems to be a strength of the a2 Hosting marketing plan. There are a few videos uploaded every few months (or so), and the videos are informational pieces that can help you solve specific problems on your site. Many website owners do not have the technical knowledge to solve major problems on their site – which is why this YouTube channel can be so helpful. With videos on topics such as setting up your hosting, installing WP plugins, managing databases, and more, there is something for every site owner on this channel.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, read testimonials from real customers below and see what people have to say about a2 Hosting!

A2 Hosting provide an excellent service in all respects. This includes: (1) a high-spec infrastructure (eg SSDs, choice of hosting centers) with many extra features bundled into the contract (eg automatic server-based backup, anti-virus protection, etc); (2) superb technical support accessible/delivered in a number of ways (eg high quality self-service knowledge base, online chat & a real person helpline); (3) support staff who are responsive, knowledgeable & patient; (4) efficient billing support in resolving issues (eg moving domain billing between accounts); and (5) good value-for-money for a quality product. In fact A2 Hosting’s service has been so consistently good over that past two years I have moved my company’s web services account to them.

– posted by Simon McKay on whoishostingthis.com

Super fast! Very Efficient! Knowledgeable and helpful tech support. Servers are so much better and faster. I made the leap from GoDaddy to A2, after being with GoDaddy for 11 years. A2 Hosting made this transition smooth and easy for a non-tech guy and educated me in the process. Super happy so far and my clients are telling me that my site no longer has lag time and that means they stay so much longer, looking at my content and making purchases.

– posted by Billy D. on hostadvice.com

Some of the perks at a2 Hosting

Turbo Servers – We mentioned before that they were fast, thanks to their Turbo Servers which boast page load speeds of up to 20x faster than a standard Linux server. If you run a business where you are serving up large files regularly or you need to hook clients quickly then this might be something that you take into consideration. Why are the Turbo servers faster? First of all you will be sharing the server with fewer other users, and because of this your website will be allotted more resources. If you’re really tech-y, then it may also interest you to know that they utilize a drop-in Apache replacement which is much faster and uses less CPU.

Free Migration Service – Do you know how to migrate a WordPress install from one server to another? Even if you do, you might not want to deal with the headache yourself. Good news, a2 hosting offers a free migration service when you sign up for their service!

Developer-friendly tools – a2 gives you more control over your account compared to other hosting providers, such as being able to choose what version of PHP you want to run. You also have access to Python, node.js, SSH access and more.

CloudLinux Servers – Designed to deal with sudden traffic spikes, all Linux servers at a2 hosting are CloudLinux servers! No more getting slowed down by a spike in traffic at one your neighbours websites in a shared hosting environment.