About Web Hosting Coupon Codes

About Our Company:

What is now Web Hosting Coupon Codes started out as a small time blogger trying to start a small website. It was about coffee. This blogger liked writing about his hobbies, and wanted to start a website to connect with other coffee-lovers and hopefully make a small living off the website.

There was just one problem:

Why was hosting so expensive?!!

couponcodehoster founders
This isn’t our founder. But the resemblance is uncanny…

It averages over $100/year to host a website with a company. But why? A small 20-30 page website uses so little memory that the cost of usage just didn’t add up.

But there was a loophole:

Hosting companies offer tons of coupons.

The hosting industry is incredibly competitive, so in order to entice customers they offer ridiculously-discounted promo codes to out-compete other hosting companies.

So we decided to do people a solid: we would collect all these promo codes from over the web and post them here. And hopefully other small-time webmasters will be able to save some cash while they are starting up their next million dollar idea.

Whether you need to save money on a domain name, hosting (shared, VPS, or managed), or renew your current host, we have tons of coupons for dozens of companies.

Any questions for us? Use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.