Avis Promo Code

Use the Avis car rental coupon codes below to save on weekend & weekday rentals, as well as getting free upgrades on cars, minivans & trucks! We also have Avis promo codes & deals for USAA & Costco members too!

Best Avis Coupon Codes Right Now:

Save $25 when you spend $175

Use this promo code to save $25 off your booking when you spend at least $175 on base time and mileage charges only.

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Get $15 off when you spend $125

When you spend at least $125 on base time and mileage charges you can use this promo code to get $15 off of your booking.

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Up to 25% off and 5% donated to Make-A-Wish

Part of the 'Driven to Grant Wishes' promotion, this Avis Worldwide Discount number (called an AWD # on the booking form) will get you up to 25% off base rates and donate 5% of the cost of your booking to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Truly a win-win offer!

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Get 10% off Northeast car rentals this summer!

Use the promo code below in conjunction with AWD# P147900 to get 10% off your base rate for rentals in the Northeastern US this summer. Offer expires on September 30, 2018.

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Save $10 when you spend $100

Get $10 off your base mileage and rate when you spend at least $100.

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Free 3rd Weekend Day!

For minimum 3-day rentals from Thursday through Monday use this promo code to get the third day for free.

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Get 30% off by Pre-Paying for Bookings!

If you pay for your car rental up front then you can get a significant discount of 30% off the whole booking!

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Free Upgrade on your Vehicle

Use this promo code to get a one-time complimentary upgrade on an intermediate through full-size four-door vehicle.

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Upgrade your Reservation in Hawaii

Use this coupon code to get a free single upgrade on your booking in Hawaii, booking must be for at least 2 days.

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Save $75 on long-term rentals

When you spend at least $600 on a long term rental you can use this code to save $75. Long term rentals are valid for up to 11 months at a time.

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How to use Avis Coupons

Step 1

When you go to the reservation page, you will see a tab at the bottom of the reservation form that says ‘Discount Codes’. Click on that to expand the discount box.
how to use avis discount codes

Step 2

Once you expand the Discount Codes tab, there are 3 boxes which can be a little confusing! The first one is AWD which stands for ‘Avis Worldwide Discount’, these are numeric codes that will work for any Avis location and are not super common but you may run across them from time to time. The second box for ‘Discount Codes’ is the one you will most likely be using. Keep in mind that some promotions use both an AWD# and a Discount Code. The last box is for rate codes, which are typically provided for use by companies or groups who rent large amounts of vehicles from Avis.
how to use avis discount codes

About Avis

No matter where you’re located, Avis will take care of your car rental worries. Yes, it’s the number one choice for those who like to drive their own cars wherever they go. It’s definitely more convenient than having to rent an Uber all the time. Avis provides fast service as soon as you indicate your pick-up point and time.

Use the App

To make bookings easier, download the app of Avis. Yes, they’re not going to be left behind by the recent advancements in technology. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to choose your car, select a location and make a booking. In addition, you can also cancel the booking or extend it if you liked what you rented.

Car Sales

Other than renting out cars, Avis also sells them. This would be great news for those who loved the cars they rented. After all, it would be a great idea to test a particular car you like first before buying it. In fact, that’s the reason why some people rent cars. Besides, buying from car manufacturers won’t give you the opportunity to test drive cars. While you were driving it, you’ll already know if it’s in good condition or not. They even give several payment options so you can choose the most convenient one.

Car Guide

Not only will you get pictures of each car available for rent, all the information you need about each vehicle is also provided. You’ll get everything like the vehicle transmission, the number of doors, the number of people that can fit in and the number of bags that can fit in the trunk. Perhaps, the most important details provided is whether it has air con or not. Besides, who would want to rent a vehicle that doesn’t have air con? Once you like the car, there’s an option to reserve it on the spot for the dates you prefer.

Production Rentals

When you’re in the country for a shoot, it’s no secret you’ll need a large vehicle so all the crew and equipment can fit in. Good thing, Avis provides that service to make sure you won’t have any problem with transportation from the moment you get picked up at the airport until the time you get to your preferred destination. Enjoy low rates and there’s even unlimited mileage which means you can take the car wherever you please without worrying about how much gas you’ve consumed. Now, the only thing you need to worry about is your shoot.

Group Rentals

Is your company having a team building? It’s no secret you’ll need several cars to accommodate everyone. Besides, you wouldn’t want some people to feel left out if you tell them there’s no more space in the vehicle. Good thing, Avis provides affordable packages for companies that want to go on a long road trip. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about getting to the destination as they’ll also provide a driver who’s knowledgeable about the routes in your area. Best of all, they have a current promotion where you’ll get 7 rental certificates when you avail of 20 rentals.

Travel Partner Program

Avis has a lot of partnerships with hotels and airlines. Hence, if you avail of their travel partner program, you can enjoy huge discounts whenever you stay at one of their partner hotels or book one of their partner airlines. We’re not just talking about any budget airlines here, we’re talking about first-class airlines. Similarly, we’re not talking about hostels or pension houses, we’re talking about world-class hotels with awesome amenities such as a roof deck bar, business center, and a swimming pool.

Protections and Coverages

There’s no doubt you should always prioritize safety while driving a car. Good thing, Avis provides several protections and coverages to ensure a safe journey. First, there’s the Loss Damage Waiver which covers any financial expenses in case the vehicle is damaged or worse, stolen. Of course, no matter how confident you are that won’t happen, you can never really tell. Hence, it would be better to be safe than sorry. Second, there’s the Personal Accident Insurance. While you’re driving, there’s always the possibility of getting into an accident. Good thing, this covers any financial expenses resulting from the injuries caused by the accident. Best of all, there’s the Emergency Roadside Assistance. No matter how new the car is, you can’t deny there’s always the possibility something will go wrong with it. Yes, there’s a chance you’ll encounter a flat tire, a low battery or something else you’re not familiar with. Good thing, this coverage protects you from all expenses resulting from any car malfunction.

Car Rental Affiliate Program

Do you own a website? If the answer to that question is yes, you can earn extra income by signing up for the car rental affiliate program. All you need to do is to promote Avis by putting banners and links on your website. When people avail of Avis after clicking on your links and banners, you’ll automatically get a commission. Yes, it’s that easy. It’s a great way to earn income without lifting a finger. The commission is not bad as it’s actually 3% per transaction which means you can get more with more referrals. What’s more enticing is joining this program won’t cost a single cent so everyone benefits from it.

Avis Flex

For those who are planning to rent a car for a number of weeks, there’s the Avis Flex. With this plan, you can save more money the longer you rent it. Therefore, you can’t blame yourself if you settle for a multi-year contract. Furthermore, there’s no need to commit for several years as you can rent a car on an 11-month contract. Despite the long-term deal, you have the freedom of choosing the vehicle you’ll rent. In fact, if there’s any point in time when you get bored of the vehicle, you have the option of swapping it for another one. Imagine having an eye on a certain vehicle while driving the vehicle you just rented. You won’t have to wait long before you can drive that vehicle wherever you please.