Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Company:

Numerous web hosting companies include WordPress hosting in web hosting packages. The companies assume 100% responsibility for managing WordPress websites, including security, uptimes, data transfer speeds, daily updates, daily backups, and scalability. The primary benefit of running your business website through the WordPress platform is you enjoy a mostly hassle-free website. This gives you more time to do what you do best: manage your business.

Customers of web hosting companies that manage WordPress websites have praised WordPress web hosting as “a five-star hotel for WordPress” and “like having an army of WordPress experts on your side.”

Let’s review the advantages associated with using WordPress for your website and then learn how to choose the best WordPress hosting company for your entrepreneur or small business website.

The Best WordPress Hosting Companies

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The Advantages of WordPress Web Hosting

Countless customers rave about the outstanding technical support offered by most WordPress web hosting companies. You work with WordPress experts that offer advice on which plugins to include for enhancing website performance. WordPress web hosting companies typically employ technical support professionals that solve web hosting issues much faster than other web hosting companies.

Here are some other advantages of WordPress web hosting:

  • Super fast data transfer rates
  • Tight security
  • Daily backups
  • No downtimes
  • Automatic updates
  • Development tools

Factors to Consider for Selecting a WordPress Web Hosting Company:

WordPress offers several features that help entrepreneurs and small businesses attract new customers, such as SEO tools and message boards for website visitors to ask questions. However, choosing the best WordPress hosting company boils down to fundamental web hosting services.

WordPress Performance:

Yoast SEO covers all of the SEO bases that get your business noticed online. Yet, SEO (that is, search engine optimization) means nothing, if you choose a WordPress hosting company that fails to deliver top of the line performance. The WordPress web hosting company that you choose must provide you with plenty of RAM, as well as operate your website from a server that produces exceptional processing power. Although the type of content you upload influences data transfer speeds, you still must only consider WordPress web hosts that have demonstrated a proven track record of hosting fast data transferring websites.

The Host with the Most Optimized Servers: Bluehost

wordpress optimized hosting

Make sure your web host has optimized their servers for WordPress.


Most web hosting companies guarantee uptimes of at least 99.5%. Uptimes represent the time your website is live. If visitors find your website unavailable, they immediately seek out competitors in your business niche. Because of the number of features available from WordPress, some WordPress web hosting companies deal with more website crashes. Although 0.1% appears to be a small variation in uptime, the fact remains that a decrease of 0.1% in a website uptime causes you to lose potential customers.

The Best Uptime Host: Dreamhost (they have a 100% uptime guarantee!)

Customer Support

As we mentioned, most WordPress web hosting companies offer outstanding customer technical support. The professionals that answer your questions have received extensive WordPress development and management training. However, knowledgeable doesn’t always equal customer friendly support. You also have to consider phone wait times and the disposition of the WordPress experts that field your questions. Moreover, you should only consider a WordPress web hosting company that provides online technical support. As PCWorld magazine emphasizes, “The best support service is the one that is provided at a moment’s notice and with the quickest turnaround times.”

Best Customer Support: WP Engine

Disk Space

The amount of WordPress features requires you to go with a provider that guarantees substantial disk space. If you upload video and music files, you need a WordPress web hosting company that offers much more than the standard 20 megabytes of disk space. However, countless websites present hundred of pages and the websites never need more than 18 megabytes of disk space. Be wary of any WordPress hosting company that offers “unlimited” disk space. Chances are “unlimited” has a different meaning in the fine print of your WordPress web hosting policy.

The Largest Disk Space: Hostgator (disk space is unmetered)

The Price is Right

Because of the enhanced website performance features offered by WordPress, you can expect to pay more for a WordPress hosting company than what you pay for a basic shared web hosting service. Nonetheless, you should price comparison shop among WordPress web hosting companies simply because one or more WordPress hosting companies might offer plan discounts or bundle several WordPress features into an affordable monthly package.

The host that offers the most for the best price? Dreamhost

Other Factors to Consider:

If your WordPress security system fails, you need to turn to the web host data backup and recovery system to keep your website live. Whether a hacker enters a database or a virus attaches to multiple files, you need to go back in time and restore your original website. Caching represents a feature that increases the speed of data transfers, and you want caching for both the server and client end of the WordPress web hosting relationship. WordPress offers several caching options that you can’t find with most other web hosting companies. The closer the data center sits to the majority of your website visitors, the better the performance of your website.

A growing number of entrepreneurs and business owners have turned to WordPress to meet their website performance needs. This is especially true for websites that promote regularly updated blogs. WordPress has become the highest rated blogging platform in cyberspace. Since you pay more for signing up with a WordPress web hosting company, we strongly urge newcomers to the website game to start with a shared hosting plan. As your traffic grows, you can eventually choose a WordPress web hosting company. The bottom line is you have to justify spending an average of nearly $30 per month for a high performance WordPress web hosting company.

One more word of advice: take the time required to find the right WordPress hosting company for your business. Consider the online reviews presented by customers, as well as ask for recommendations from people you trust, such as friends and professional peers. WordPress hosting costs more than shared web hosting, so make sure you cover all of the research bases for selecting a WordPress web hosting company.