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Best Big Commerce Coupons Right Now:

Free Trial

Set up your online store for free and try out BigCommerce, no credit card required.

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Save 10% off when paying Annually

If you pay for a year of BigCommerce upfront you will get 10% off the regular price. Give the free trial a whirl first, after that you should know if the platform will work for you so why not invest in a year

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About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a web hosting company that specializes in developing e-commerce software for business use.

The company started in 2009 and its headquarters is in Austin, Texas with some offices located in San Francisco, California and also in Sydney (Australia) In 2009, Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper (founders) launched BigCommerce in the U.S.

BigCommerce Services

• Faster Launching of your online store

Once you subscribe to the company, you will be able to access world-class premium services to help you achieve a long-lasting success in business. In addition to that, the onboarding consultants will be more than helpful in launching your online store within the shortest time possible and with efficiency. With the assistance of the in-house team, you will be able to launch your online store within four months on average so you can sell faster than other online platforms.

• Launch Plans in relation to your business

The platform will provide your consultant with the crucial business requirements, goals and develop and manage a customized launch plan to get you started. The plan includes catalog transfer, the design, Integration and many more.

• Partner recommendations

The consultant will advise you on finding the qualified partner to manage your site design and development. They will further help you in selecting the right fit from their extensive partner network across the board.

• BigCommerce Premium Account Services

From your enterprise subscription, you can access on-demand BigCommerce premium account services. The service team is dedicated to assisting you to find solutions to challenging and complex account issues.

• E-commerce experts

The team of in-house seasoned experts will point out to you the main opportunities, give recommendations to integrations and partnership and also guide you on how you can benefit from their most outstanding features in order to enhance your business.

• Problem Solving

The account service team of experts will ensure that you save your time, manage the cost of running your business and increase your sales. Besides, the team will help you in tackling complex business issues, come up with possible solutions to grow your category sales or improve cross-selling.

• Catalog Transfer Services

You can get an expert from BigCommerce to help you transfer your data stored online. The team of professionals from BigCommerce will assist you with saving your time while moving your product and other related information to let you focus on other important matters.

At the same time, you can have an access to free self-service transfer of catalog applications from the various app store to other platforms within the industry. In addition to that, a team of experts will form a partnership with you to transfer data and take it to BigCommerce platform.

How to Save Money with BigCommerce

BigCommerce will offer you a platform to save your money when you make subscriptions, the subscription fee will depend on your online store requirements. Therefore, it is wise that you choose a hosting plan that will give you enough room for your business growth. In fact, you can upgrade your shopping cart any time you are ready to do so. Another advantage of BigCommerce when saving money is the performance of the server and the search engine optimization (SEO) across the board.

You can get a free Google AdWords Credits for advertising your online store up to $100. To make it a success, the plan comes in different categories depending on their costs:

  • The bronze plan for 100 products and 1GB storage
  • Silver plan for 500 products with 2GB storage
  • Gold plan for 1000 products with 5GB storage
  • Platinum plan for unlimited products with 50GB storage and the abandoned cart saver
  • Diamond plan, also for unlimited products and storage in addition to abandoned cart saver

Most importantly, if you subscribe for an annual hosting, you stand to save 10 percent on any of the listed plans above. Also, you can upgrade to the plan of your choice after running your free trial