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BlueHost Promo Codes Updated For May 2018

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BlueHost is in a Growing Industry:

bluehost coupon codes 2018

Nowadays any successful business has a website. The story behind typing “www…” can be a challenging one for the company that wants to have an online presence. First of all, the domain name needs to be registered, then a hosting package purchased, and in the end (of the beginning), the website has to be developed and uploaded for public access.

Having a website out there on the Internet would be impossible without registrars (companies that manage domain names and their registration) and hosting companies. There are many registrars and hosting companies on the online industry market, but only a few of them passed the time and quality tests. Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies out there, with over 2 million domains on their servers in Provo, Utah. What is it that gives them an edge over other common hosting companies? Let’s find out.

About BlueHost:

Bluehost, specifically for the offered hosting services, it’s among first options for many domain name owners. What drives them to choose Bluehost in such a generous market?
First of all, an essential aspect for many domain name owners, Bluehost has a strong uptime (99,98%), pretty well over industry standard (99,9%). In other words, there has been only one hour of downtime compared to 4380 hours of uptime -outstanding results for Bluehost regarding uptime. As a domain name owner, you want, of course, your page to be up and running, and you want your clients to easily and rapidly access it.
Another parameter that makes Bluehost users happy is page loading speed and on this parameter, just like uptime, the company has scored pretty good. The whole 2017 year has been spent with the purpose (among other many) of improving page loading speed.

Bluehost is popular on the hosting market due to its low introductory costs too. They have positioned themselves successfully on the market with low cost prices and this brought them a large number of users. As at now, a new user will pay $2.95 for the first month. After that, the hosting fee goes back to regular rate (between 7.99$ when paid for 36 months in advance in the basic subscription and 25.99$ for the monthly pro subscription). Hosting costs are an important aspect of an online business because these costs have to be paid periodically (most of the times monthly) and they should be affordable.

The security options offered by Bluehost are adapted to users’ custom needs and, for example, they can prevent spam with Spam Hammer, SpamAssassin, and Spam Experts. These tools support CloudFlare, and this prevents D.D.O.S attacks, one of the biggest risks for domain names and domain names hosting companies.

Bluehost also offers a tool that prevents people from stealing your media content, secure web sessions via S.S.H access and I.P blocking in case of attacks and hijacking. Regarding account security, they have proven in time that their users’ security is a top priority so they have introduced and implemented a 2-factor authentication with your Bluehost account and the entire Bluehost system revolving around token validation. Token validation will prove auser’s identity when contacting customer support via a six-digit code.

And things just keep getting better for a Bluehost user account because in the system, there are available plenty of integrations with apps and numerous e-commerce features are available. Both Google Apps as well as CloudFlare are available to install for all users in Bluehost database. When you integrate Google Apps in Bluehost you will have all Google Tools at the reach of your hand. Or more specifically, at the reach of your mouse…

CloudFlare is a free C.D.N service preferred by users because boosts site speed and maintain it secure. Setting up an e-store is very easy and they have realized integrations and partnerships with the most popular e-commerce companies out there on the market. Believe it or not, you are able to set up an online store with just a few clicks.

BlueHost cPanel is very easy to use, intuitive and well organized, so even a beginner can access and set up a website. The company is ready to refund if their users are not satisfied with the services they have initially contracted.

Some Notable Drawbacks
But as expected, all is not rosy with the hosting company. The customer-support department still needs improvement and the fairest of their price plans come for 36 months plan purchase.
It seems that breaking up Bluehost is an expensive choice, considering that site migration is also quite expensive: 149.99$.

A reasonable verdict would be that BlueHost is not the number one hosting provider. It is among the top ones and is recommended for small businesses and lite accounts.

They offer great uptimes, low initial pricing, fast page-load time, integrations and 30-day money back guarantee. Their customer support no doubt needs some improvement, as is their pricing but overall, this is a great hosting company.