DigitalOcean Promo Codes Updated for March 2018:

Welcome to our round-up of promo codes and coupons for Digitalocean! The new web application company is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the world and extremely popular with web application developers due to it’s easy scalability and flexible API. After our coupon list, we will get into the background of where this company came from, what it does and what it could become in the future.

Best DigitalOcean Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • Save $25 Off In Total: Combine a $10 Credit and $15 Promo Code Easily!

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    Here’s how you do it: first, click the blue coupon button. That will automatically give you a $10 credit. Then, when you choose your payment method, you can enter another promo code. Enter the code that the blue coupon button now shows you. It will save you another $15 off your order. And that’s it! You’ve saved $25 on your order already!
  • Get 2 Free Months of Digitalocean VPS Hosting:

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    Use this coupon code to get 2 months of free VPS hosting with DigitalOcean.
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  • Save $10 Off Cloud Hosting:

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    Get $10 off Digitalocean’s cloud hosting when you use this promo code. ‘Droplets’ (what DigitalOcean calls their hosting plans) start as low as $5/month! Hourly rates are also available if you just need to test something on a live server.

    We tested this promo code this week and it is working. Here’s Proof.

  • Get $10 Off Cloud Hosting:

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    Another $10 credit off of hosting. Try this one if the one above doesn’t work.

  • 2 Free Months of an SSD Cloud Server

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    Free two months SSD Cloud Server or VPS with this promo code.
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  • $10 Credit for new cloud hosting accounts

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    New customers will have a $10 credit added to their account when signing up for cloud hosting services.
  • $10 Credit for new VPS hosting accounts

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    New customers will have a credit worth $10 added to their VPS hosting account when signing up.
  • $10 off for all new hosting accounts

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    Choose from DigitalOcean’ standard, high memory, or SSD Storage Block accounts. If you need more power or change your mind down the road it’s very easy to scale your account up or down!
  • Save $10 Off any new hosting account:

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    Are you a new customer with DigitalOcean? Use this promo code to save yourself $10! Simply sign up, enter the promo code, and the credits will be applied to your account.
  • Get $10 credit for new Droplets

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    Droplets are what DigitalOcean calls their hosting accounts, as in ‘a droplet in an ocean’. If you need more ‘droplets’ (meaning more storage, memory, or a faster processor) it’s very simple to add more!
  • DigitalOcean Coupon Code for $10 off!

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    New years promotion, get $10 off when signing up for a new account!

Where to Enter DigitalOcean Coupon Codes:

It’s important to know how to enter promo codes correctly with Digitalocean, because they have a unique system that will tie you to a particular coupon if you aren’t careful. Confused? We’ll explain.

  • First you need to create an account with Digitalocean by giving them an email and a password.
  • Then you need to go to your email inbox to confirm your account.
  • Now that you’re back at the sign-up page, now you can enter the promo code:

Digitalocean - where to enter coupon code

When you enter the promo code, it will either say: “This promo code is expired”, or “You Have Received $10 in Credits!”. Once you enter a valid promo code, it sticks. Digitalocean will send you an email confirming the fact that you have received a $10 credit for your account. There’s no taking it back.

That’s what we mean when we say you need to be careful. However, Digitalocean has streamlined their coupons and now all of them are $10 credits or two months free (which works out to $10 anyway).

DigitalOcean Pricing Plans Comparison

Standard Droplet Pricing

  • $5/month
    The most inexpensive monthly pricing option, this will get you 512MB of Memory, a 1 Core Processor, a 20GB SSD Disk, and 1TB of transfer.
  • $10/month
    The next monthly pricing option on the tier, this will get you 1GB of Memory, a 1 Core Processor, a 30GB SSD Disk, and 2TB of transfer.
  • $20/monthMost Popular
    The most purchased monthly pricing option, this will get you 2GB of Memory, a 2 Core Processor, a 40GB SSD Disk, and 3TB of transfer.
  • $40/month
    Starting to deal with some serious processing power here, this will get you 4GB of Memory, a 2 Core Processor, a 60GB SSD Disk, and 4TB of transfer.

The standard pricing options continue to increase in memory, processors, disk size and amount of data you can transfer all the way up to the most expensive plan at $640/month,which packs a walloping 64GB of memory, a 20 core processor, a 640GB SSD Disk, and 9TB of transfer! If you’re moving that amount of data odds are you can easily afford that price, and need a developer-focused hosting provider such as DigitalOcean. And remember, you can always save yourself some money using our DigitalOcean Coupon Code!

High memory Droplet pricing

  • $120/month
    The most budget-friendly monthly pricing option for high memory hosting, this will get you 16GB of Memory, a 2 Core Processor, a 30GB SSD Disk, and 6TB of transfer.
  • $240/month
    Double the price gets you double the power, this plan includes 32GB of Memory, a 4 Core Processor, a 90GB SSD Disk, and 7TB of transfer.
  • $480/month
    The next level up in the pricing ladder includes 64GB of Memory, a 8 Core Processor, a 200GB SSD Disk, and 8TB of transfer.
  • $960/month
    Up next, this hosting plan will get you 128GB of Memory, a 16 Core Processor, a 340GB SSD Disk, and 9TB of transfer.
  • $1680/month
    And last but certainly not least, the beefiest hosting plan from DigitalOcean includes 224GB of Memory, a 32 Core Processor, a 500GB SSD Disk, and 10TB of transfer.

If you are a developer looking at the high memory droplet plans then you are looking at contending with some serious traffic, or you are running a fairly complex web application. As with their standard droplet plans, there is also hourly pricing available if you need some live server space to test something out but aren’t looking to take it live permanently yet. These plans are definitely not for the hobby developer, and it’s refreshing to find a host that is looking to cater to developers with serious needs rather than just trying to get as many shared hosting customers as possible. Their flexible API is very easy to work with as well. And just because you are spending a hefty amount monthly doesn’t mean that you can’t save yourself some money, take a look at the list of DigitalOcean Coupon Code above.

New At DigitalOcean:

digitalocean - coreos - coupon codes
DigitalOcean now supports CoreOS! This tech is for developers: it enables you to quickly build server clusters and effortlessly deploy applications. Can you tell that I have no idea what that means?!

If you’re a developer and you’ve been waiting for this day, then congratulations. You can read more about the details on Digitalocean’s blog.

About DigitalOcean:

digitalocean coupon

DigitalOcean isn’t your traditional website hosting company. DigitalOcean specializes in SSD (solid-state drive) cloud servers, which are considered faster and more reliable than regular servers. They promise that your SSD cloud servers will be up and running in 55 seconds. Since the company launched in 2012, DigitalOcean has created over 200,000 Cloud Servers. The cost of Digitalocean’s personal cloud servers can range from $5/month to $80/month; DigitalOcean also has high-end cloud servers that range in price from $160/month to $960/month. That may seem like a lot, but the $960/month comes with 24 cores and 96GB of memory!).

Recent Developments at Digitalocean:

Since we created this coupon page back in mid-2013, Digitalocean has grown exponentially to the point where it is threatening Amazon Web Services for cloud computing supremacy.

Digitalocean is now considered the 6th largest public cloud provider in the world. Considering that the company didn’t exist until just 3 years ago that is an unbelievable growth spurt and a testament to the quality services that they are providing, particularly to the web app development community.

Digitalocean’s Data-Centers:

digitalocean promo codes

An Image Created By Digitalocean To Celebrate The London Opening.

The company is headquartered in New York City, but boasts major data-centers all over the world: San Francisco (US), Singapore, 2 in Amsterdam, and a new datacenters in London, England.

The new London data-center will help bridge the large geographical gap between San Francisco and Amsterdam. It will also help quell fears over U.S. surveillance. All U.S. data-centers are subject to NSA wiretapping, according to some of the famous leaked documents from Edward Snowden. European Union data-protection regulations will prevent that from happening to servers operating out of London.


DigitalOcean’s New Data-Centers are located in London, England.

DigitalOcean Reviews:

“I’ve had a lot of VPS’s before, and used a lot of computers, and the speed of my single core droplet vps, blows away the compiling speed I’ve seen on anything else before. I have been here 2 days and there has been no lag spikes or dips in computing power. Great service so far, and they obviously use high end hardware. It’s not even that much more expensive than the ones i’ve tried that were obviously worse in many ways. Definitely worth the money compared to a cheaper vps provider. I would say 5 star. The management web UI is free, most providers make you pay for the features you get here included. The VPS can be reformatted, changed OS, upgraded, deleted, in under 2 minutes if you need to without staff intervention or charge to you. You can do a lot of management from their droplet control panel, and your VPS will be ready in under 5 minutes. Very nice service.”

– a user, February 26, 2017

“The work you guys do is out of this world. Just tried with one project, now thinking for a full migration.”

– Asad Hasan – taken from Digitalocean’s Facebook Wall.

“Their servers is really good, you can resize your servers with one click, and their uptime is really good. (the best).”

Webhostingtalk user

Notable DigitalOcean Resources:

Facebook – Their official Facebook page. Their page is full of tutorials on how to use their software, as well as recommendations on products that work well with their hosting.

Crunchbase – DigitalOcean’s official Crunchbase profile can be found here.

Twitter – DigitalOcean’s official Twitter account. Follow them and you’ll stay up to date on the latest special offers. They also share interesting articles for web developers and designers.

DigitalOcean on Youtube:

The guys over at DigitalOcean have an entire YouTube channel with helpful guides on topics like setting up your first droplet, installing WordPress and more. Definitely worth a look!

Here’s a cool video about running start-ups using a cloud server from a DigitalOcean event. They have a youtube channel full of useful tutorials for setting up your website: