Dreamstime Promo Codes

Dreamstime Coupons updated for September 2020

Dreamstime promo codes for free credits are offered for new customers only. When you sign up for an account at the bottom of the form there will be a box for referral or promotional bonus codes, enter the coupon code there and you will see the free credits in your account after signing up. Click here to see where you enter the promo code.

What about existing customers?

Best Dreamstime Promo Codes Right Now:

Special Offer: Get 70 Images Per Week For Only $49.95

Best Deal! This is a special offer from Dreamstime: get 70 images per week for only $49.95. This is a great subscription offer if you use a lot of stock photos for your website(s). You can also quit at any time. There's no promo code required: just click the blue button and you'll be taken to a special offer pages on Dreamstime's website.

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3 Free Credits

Use this coupon code to get 3 free credits when your first sign up.

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3 Free Credits

This promo code will give you 3 free credits for every registration.

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Are there Dreamstime Promo Codes for existing customers?

Unfortunately at this time Dreamstime does not offer any coupon codes for existing customers, there is no place on their purchase form to enter a promo code. You can see it here.

There is a note on the website that says if you sign up for a corporate account you can receive discounts, but I was unable to find any information on what sort of discounts.

About Dreamstime:

dreamstime promo code
Dreamstime is the second largest stock photography website with over 6 million registered users and 17.5 million photos, clipart, vectors and illustrations. They were also the second company to launch in the stock photography industry, right after iStockPhoto. Dreamstime became the first of the ‘microstock‘ agencies to become a member of the Digital Media Licensing Association in 2006. Dreamstime is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with secondary offices located in Bucharest, Romania.

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An interesting feature of Dreamstime is that you are able to search by the brand of camera that the photographer used to take the photo. To be completely honest I’m not really sure why something like that would matter, but I thought it was kind of neat!

Dreamstime WordPress Plugin

Dreamstime has a WordPress Plugin that can be incredibly useful for bloggers. The plugin allows you to insert stock images into your posts directly from the Dreamstime catalog using the Add Media tool, and image attribution is added automatically. It’s very convenient! You can even choose from their catalog of free stock image, no more using images from Google Image Search and hoping for the best! The plugin links up with your Dreamstime account, so if you wanted to use a photo that you had previously purchased you can do so without having to purchase it again. This is an official Dreamstime plugin and not third party software. It’s a fairly new plugin (released in 2014) so there are only 4 reviews of it so far but they all give it 5 stars out of 5, citing the time saved as the biggest plus since you don’t have to find images, download them, and then re-upload them to WordPress. Apparently you can also earn referral commissions through the plugin, but no details were given on how this works. It might be that if somebody clicks the image attribution link back to the Dreamstime website and subsequently signs up for an account and makes a purchase you get a percentage. According to the plugin description page you will get 10% of sales for the first 3 years after the new user signs up.

Dreamstime Free Image Catalog

One unique feature of Dreamstime that I have not seen at any other microstock company is a gallery of images that can be downloaded for free (you just need a Dreamstime account). This is a fantastic option for bloggers or designers who need images but don’t have the budget for paid stock photography or vector images. For photographers it’s a great opportunity to get some exposure by donating one or more images to the free section. It should be noted that this free gallery is available through the WordPress plugin linked above.

Timeline Images

Timeline Images is a service offered by Dreamstime. It was launched in 2012 to fill the niche market of businesses needing cover photos for their Facebook pages. Since the cover photo is the first thing that prospective clients will see on your Facebook page it’s important to have a professional quality and interesting image, the right one can draw in potential clients. Using a licensed cover image from Timeline Images also ensures that you have the proper permission to use that cover image, and you will not find yourself in legal trouble over using a random image that you found online.

What does Royalty-Free mean?

Way back in 2000 Dreamstime was originally founded as a royalty-free stock image company. But what does that mean exactly? Well it doesn’t mean free to use, and the image is not a part of the public domain. Royalty-free actually means that after you purchase a license to use the image you can use it as many times as you like without having to pay any addition fees (also known as royalties). This is the most cost-effective type of photography that you can use for your website and marketing needs. It should be noted though that just because you have purchased a license doesn’t mean that nobody else is allowed to use the image. This is why you may have seen the same image used by a few different companies on their websites or promotional materials.

Dreamstime Photography Companion

Like a few of their competitors, Dreamstime has created an app available on Android and iOS that allows contributing photographers to upload images directly from their mobile phones to their Dreamstime profile and make them available for sale. You can submit your photos even when your phones isn’t connected to the internet through either cellular data or wifi, the images will queue up and submit as soon a connection is available. The idea is to help professional and more novice users alike earn some more money (up to $12 per license), and to make it fun and easy. It should be noted that the photos are still required to meet certain quality standards before they will be made available on the Dreamstime catalog and any images that violate the terms of service will be rejected. You are also able to attach model release forms through the app.

Around the Web:

Dreamstime on Twitter – Use Twitter? Brighten up your twitter feed with the images posted by Dreamstime. Now that previews of twitpics show up in your twitter feed, it will add a bit of color. Dreamstime frequently posts featured images from their website here.

Facebook – You can also follow Dreamstime on Facebook. Their cover photo is of a mama and child polar bear, which is pure cuteness overload for me.