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    Some Info on GoDaddy’s Hosting Plans

    godaddy web hosting promo code

    When you build a website you put a lot of effort into it. You spend hours agonizing every color of the background, every word in the about us, and that’s not even touching on the ages spent programming a usable design interface. But this is all means nothing if your website does not have a host to get it out and on the web. The best hosting site out there is, famous for being reliable, easy to use, and reasonable in its pricing.


    GoDaddy derives these characteristics from a few key differences between them and other companies. Prime among them is the management of their own servers and technical support, rather than renting or leasing them as a startup. Because of this, the brand is able to offer a variety of hosting options for consumers.

    Shared Hosting: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate

    The first and most commonly needed form of hosting offered by the company is web hosting. Their hosting is backed by 24/7 support from the company’s knowledgeable and professional staff. Their hosting packages are reasonably priced (especially if you use coupon codes!) and they’re capable of doing everything you need them to.

    A step up from their personal hosting plans is business hosting. Designed more for e-commerce websites, this product boasts several improvements at only a marginal cost increase. Such improvements include a cpanel that is incredibly easy to use, the ability to process high amounts of traffic and data-heavy files such as video with no issue whatsoever. To sweeten the deal, GoDaddy also includes a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 when you upgrade from basic web hosting to Business hosting.

    The Next Level…Business Hosting

    For those who have built their site in the world of WordPress, GoDaddy has you covered here as well. This particular option is best recommended for those who want automation. This means having tasks such as update, web stores, and websites handled for them freeing up time for their own pressing tasks. For those looking to get started the WordPress option has a drag and drop page builder allowing for even the most inexperienced in website building to create a beautiful page, quickly. Purchasing a WordPress plan also includes Office 365 as well as a free domain, and one-click migration.

    These are the relatively basic plans, meant for high volume e-commerce sites and blogs and require little technological knowhow to operate. In contrast, however, there are more expensive options for more advanced requirements. Among these options are two typically offered products.

    For Power Users: VPS Hosting

    The first is the offering of VPS hosting. This is meant for those with projects that require immense speed and power in their operation, as well as flexibility in their processing. Of the two more advanced options VPS is more budget conscious, despite this, it is no slouch in its offerings. A virtual private server gives you full control over all of your website’s offerings with access to Apache and PHP without having a physically dedicated server’s hassles and problems.

    Like shared hosting, this allows for the hosting of sites and software like wikis and e-commerce sites, But unlike shared hosting it can isolate them in the same container and dedicated resources entirely to you. Like most hosting applications offered by GoDaddy if you’re already a customer, you can easily upgrade with their one-click migration offerings.

    Dedicated Hosting

    GoDaddy’s most expensive but most powerful offering is a dedicated server. This is a physical data bank and processor completely dedicated to your websites usage. If a dedicated server is what you need GoDaddy will not take days to set it up but hours. This can, however, take longer if you are upgrading from a VPS. All data storing done on the company’s dedicated servers is done in a format known as RAID.

    RAID makes use of many different hard drive disks operating as one to create increased data security while the performance decrease is almost unnoticeable. GoDaddy monitors all of its customer’s sites and servers 2/46 to ensure that you are never out of operation while at the same time giving you complete control over your sites via a web host Manager.

    So, Which One Will It Be?

    Whether you are looking to just start your site or are trying to increase its overall ability to service customer, GoDaddy is the best place to find a variety of hosting options. The cost may vary but each is very reasonable for what you get. This includes experienced customer service and peace of mind that you are getting reliable, quality, hosting services.