Godaddy Hosting Coupons for February 2018

Most people think of GoDaddy as primarily a domain registrar, but it’s also one of the world’s largest hosting companies as well. This website is actually hosted by GoDaddy as well.

There’s the convenience factor of having your domain name and your hosting with the same company (no transferring or fiddling with nameservers). Plus, GoDaddy’s uptime is actually on par or better than most budget website hosts.

We’ve collected the best promo codes for all of GoDaddy’s hosting services: Shared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated. If you want to only pay $1/month for a starter hosting plan, or want a discount on your company’s enterprise-level hosting plan, we have the discount codes for you!

Best GoDaddy Hosting Promo Codes Right Now:

  • Save 50% Off All New Shared Hosting Plans:

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    Best Deal! This is a great new promo code. When we tried it on shared hosting packages, it would save us 50% off the regular price! It also worked for domain names as well. We tried it on VPS hosting packages and it gave us 20% off the regular hosting price.
  • Save 50% Off All New Shared Hosting Plans:

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    This promo code will save you a full 50% off all new shared hosting plans. This includes both Linux and Windows hosting packages.
  • Get GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting Plan For Just $1/Month:

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    Get GoDaddy’s Economy hosting plan for just $1/month. This includes a free domain name, as well as cPanel.
  • 35% Off: The Best Coupon For GoDaddy VPS, Dedicated, and Business Pro Hosting:

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    While the above coupon codes will save you up to 85% off shared hosting, they don’t work for high-end web hosting plans like VPS, Dedicated, and Business Hosting. This promo code will save you the most off your high-end web hosting plan: take 35% off when you add it to your shopping cart.
  • Get WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

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    For a limited time only, GoDaddy is offering their WordPress hosting packages for just $1/month when you use this promo code.
  • 34% Off GoDaddy Hosting Promo Code:

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    This is a site-wide promo code that you can use on your order to save 34% off all new purchases. This means that if you’re buying multiple items besides hosting, this will cut 34% off the total cost for all new GoDaddy purchases in your shopping cart. Sweet deal!
  • Save 30% Off Your Total Order:

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    This is an all purpose promo code that will save you 30% off all products, and not just hosting. If you’re ordering multiple items then you can take advantage of this offer for extra savings on your other products.
  • Save 50% Off All Shared Hosting Plans:

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    Best Deal! Enter this coupon code to save 50% off on all new hosting packages. This applies to basic, deluxe, and advanced plans.
  • Get a Free-Trial for GoDaddy’s Website Builder:

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    Try out GoDaddy’s website-builder for free when you use this promo code. GoDaddy’s drag and drop website builder makes building a website easy and intuitive. No coding knowledge required.

How to Order Web Hosting With GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has dozens of different web hosting plans available for you to purchase. This can be pretty overwhelming: should you go with Linux or Windows hosting? Should I get VPS in case my site has lots of traffic right away? We’ve created a quick guide to help you find the right hosting plan for your needs.

Step 1: Linux or Windows?

linux or windows - godaddy hosting promo codes

Generally speaking, Linux is the best for first time users. Linux uses the PHP language, which popular applications like WordPress and Joomla run off of. If you’re new to setting up a website, then a Linux plan will be easier to use tools with. It’s also cheaper, since Linux is a free and open-source application that doesn’t have to be licensed from Microsoft.

Situations where you would opt for a Windows hosting plan is if you are building a website for a company that uses Windows-based applications like Exchange, Outlook and more.

Just to be clear, the type of computer your using has nothing to do with which type of hosting you should choose. If you or your client uses Windows, that doesn’t mean you need Windows hosting at all. Windows hosting uses ASP or ASP.NET as its programming language (as opposed to PHP for Linux). If you need to use ASP, or Microsoft SQL, then you should opt for Windows hosting.

If you’re purchasing a hosting plan for an existing website, then you need to know whether it’s built on ASP or PHP. They are not compatible. So as ASP-built website, if uploaded to a Linux server, won’t work at all.

Step 2: Should I Get WordPress Hosting?

In general, if you’re just starting out, a WordPress website is the fastest and easiest way to get your website up and running. There are hundreds of thousands of free themes (which decide the look of your website), and there are thousands of plugins that enable you to do almost anything with your website. But is WordPress-specific hosting worth the extra cost?

In the past couple of years, the mass popularity of WordPress has led many hosting providers to offer WordPress hosting. What is it exactly? WordPress is a free application, available to anyone to add to their website at any time. What WordPress hosting does is that the servers are specifically structured to handle WordPress, so your website will (in theory) be faster and respond better.
Most servers are generic and are built to have lots of different applications loaded onto them. By configuring the servers for WordPress, it reduces redundancies.

Personally, we think it’s overpriced. The milliseconds in server response time haven’t been noticeable in any of our tests. Installing WordPress itself only takes a couple of extra steps. You can follow our guide to installing WordPress in GoDaddy’s backend. And best of all: it’s all free!

Should I Go For VPS Right Away?

VPS (or ‘virtual private server’) hosting is the next step up from shared hosting, which 99% of all websites are hosted. The trouble is, if your idea takes off and you become popular overnight, will your website be crashing all the time?
It’s a great ‘best case scenario’ situation when you’re first starting your business, but in general you’re going to find that it takes a lot for a website on a GoDaddy shared server to crash. We’ve had websites with 5,000 visitors per day on a GoDaddy shared server, and there was never a problem.

The only time you might want to consider VPS right off the bat is if your website uses a lot of bandwidth. If you host a lot of videos (we’re not talking embedded YouTube videos, which don’t affect your bandwidth at all), but host videos on your own server, then you can hit your bandwidth limits quickly. The same goes for websites that host a lot of high-resolutions images.

Which Shared Hosting Plan Should I Go For Then?

GoDaddy offers 3 hosting plans, ranging in prices from $3.99/month to $7.99/month: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. The shared plans are very similar in what you get: a free domain name, unmetered bandwidth, as well as whatever promotional products they are including at any particular time.

We recommend the Deluxe hosting plan for most people who are just starting out. Here’s why:

Economy – This is the most basic plan available, and is usually the ‘advertised price’ on commercials for GoDaddy. But there’s a big drawback: you can only host 1 domain name on their server.

You may have one idea for a website and you’re committed to only working on that one idea. But if you have another idea and maybe want to try it out to see if it’s successful, you’ll need to purchase a whole new hosting plan to host that website. It does include a free domain name.

Deluxe – This is essentially the exact same hosting plan, except that you have unlimited domains. This means that if you want to start a different website, all you need to do is register a new domain name and then add it to your existing hosting account. You also get unlimited storage, as opposed to Economy’s 100 GB Storage allowance (although none of our websites has ever come close to reaching that limit).

Ultimate – The selling point of the ‘Ultimate’ plan is that you get a free SSL certificate with the plan. Although you can purchase an SSL certificate separately for around the same price. If you just have an informational blog, then you don’t need an SSL certificate. It’s only required if you collect people’s personal information, such as credit card information or passwords. Having an email signup form doesn’t count as sensitive personal information.

How to Redeem Godaddy’s Coupon Codes:

  • When you arrive on Godaddy’s website, it can be a bit confusing. First, after reading our helpful guide above which type of hosting you should go for, select the type of hosting you want:
  • choice of hosting plans
  • After you select your hosting plan, GoDaddy will show you some extras you can add to your plan. While most are just upsells, you should get the ‘site backup & restore’. This can be a lifesaver if your website is unfortunately hacked, or some code breaks on the site. You can reset it to the previous day with just a few clicks…godaddy hosting coupon codes - site extras
  • The next window will ask you to register your free domain name. You can enter the name you like, and it will check to see if it’s available. If you already have a domain name registered and don’t want to register another one, you can decline the offer and go to the next screen.
  • Then when you enter the shopping cart, there will be a place that says: “enter promo or source code”. Enter the code here and watch your price total drop.
  • godaddy wordpress hosting promo code
  • Tip: Remember that you can enter multiple promo codes until you find the one that gives you maximum savings.

If you’re looking to save money on VPS Hosting plans, then feel free to visit our Godaddy VPS Coupon Codes page. Or for more general services, you can try our all purpose Coupon Codes for 2017 page.


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