Godaddy uk promo-code

Godaddy UK Promo Code

GoDaddy Coupons For The UK:

Updated for May 2018:

Our regular collection of coupons for GoDaddy do not work for U.K. customers. Fortunately that means we’ve been able to create a dedicated page of UK-only discount codes! We’ve been able to collect dozens of voucher codes to help you register a .COM domain name for just £0.99, and we even have a coupon that will give you website hosting for just £1.00/month. Our codes also include general-purpose ones that will save you 30% or more off all new products. So if you need to purchase a lot of items (i.e. hosting, SSL Certificates, domains, Sitelock), then you can use one of our coupons to potentially save hundreds of dollars each year.

Latest GoDaddy UK Coupons:

  • Get a .COM domain for just £.99:

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    Register the world’s most popular domain extension for just £.99 when you use this promotional code.
  • Get Web Hosting For Just £1.29/month:

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    You can get economy web hosting for just £1.29/month, which includes a free domain name. That means you can have your domain and hosting all set up for just £12.00 for the first year (the hosting renews at the regular rate). If you want to purchase web hosting for multiple years, then the best deal is the 28%-30% promo codes that we’ve featured above.
  • 30% Off All New GoDaddy Products:

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    Best Deal! Use this coupon code to save yourself a full 30% off new products from GoDaddy. This is currently the best voucher code currently available.
  • Get 30% Off All New Products!

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    This promo code will save you 30% off the regular price of almost all new products: domain registrations, web hosting, ssl certificates, website builders and more.
  • Save 28% Off New Products:

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    This coupon will save 28% off the regular price of all new products. It basically works the same as the 30% off discount code above, but 2% less effective. Why list it then? If for whatever reason one of these codes doesn’t work, you can try the other one.
  • Get a .COM domain name for £1.69!

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    This is the best domain registration deal currently available. Register a new .COM domain for just £.69. Now unfortunately this only works for one domain name. But you can also register additional .COM domains with this code for just £6.99 for the first year (each). This is still 40% off the regular price.
  • Register a .CO.UK domain name for just £1.00!

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    Register the UK’s most popular domain extension for businesses. There’s no coupon for this offer. When you click on our coupon button to go to GoDaddy, you’ll see an entry field for you to enter a domain name. Underneath that, there will be a special offer for .CO.UK domain names for £1.00. Click on that, and GoDaddy will take you to the correct page. This is a limited-time offer.
  • Get a Domain, Website Builder and Email For Just £.62/Month:

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    This is a cool website bundle where you will pay for a website builder for $1/month, and with it you’ll get a free domain name and Microsoft email. When you click the blue button, the offer will automatically take effect. You don’t need to use our supplied-promo code to get the offer.
  • Save 25% off New Products:

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    This promotional code will discount your purchase by 25% off the regular price. This applies to all qualified new products. What does qualified mean? It basically means that it doesn’t apply to gift cards. On GoDaddy’s site, there will be small print with a list of the excluded products.
  • 15% Off New Products:

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    This discount code works exactly like the 30% off code. Only it’s exactly half as effective. Why are you all the way down here?

How To Connect With GoDaddy in the UK:

godaddy uk promo code

The U.K. version of GoDaddy is like a separate company altogether: UK-based websites, data-centers, customer support and more are all different from the North American-side of the company. Here’s the resources you need to connect with GoDaddy in the UK:

Facebook – The official Facebook page for GoDaddy’s UK customers. Here you can stay up to date on special offers, company news (i.e. datacenter problems). They also post some cool resources for webmasters that you may find useful.

Customer Support: GoDaddy UK has a 24/7 Support phone number: 020 7084 1810.

Data-Centers: In 2009 GoDaddy opened a data-center in Amsterdam to expand their European customer base. If you are a UK customer and you have a website hosted with GoDaddy, then chances are it’s hosted in Amsterdam. There are plans to open another data-center in Europe soon.