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Updated for June 2017

More Hostgator Coupon Codes:

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      Best Deal! Use this coupon code above to save 25% off any Hostgator VPS hosting package.
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      This is Hostgator’s famous ‘1 cent’ discount, where your first month of hosting is a penny. The rest of the year is full price, however, so the 30% discount works out to be the better deal. There’s no expiration on this deal.
      – This coupon code will also help you save 25% off your Hostgator VPS plan.
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      Use this coupon code to save a flat $9.94 off your hosting package. Depending on the length of your term this could be the best deal.
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      A Little Info on Hostgator:

      Hostgator is one of the largest website hosting companies in the world, hosting over 8 million websites. But what most people don’t know is that they have one of the most affordable VPS Hosting packages available. We’ll feature limited time offers and promo codes to save money on Hostgator’s VPS hosting packages, as well as providing some background on how Hostgator’s VPS works and whether it is right for you.

      If you’re looking for regular hosting, we have a round up of regular Hostgator Coupon Codes here:

      More Hostgator VPS Coupons

      This sale is huge. Hostgator is having a Dedicated Server blowout sale. Hostgator’s regular price for dedicated servers is $174/month. But with this promotion you can get a dedicated server for 3 months for $99. Or you can opt for 6 months for $199. That’s nearly 70% off the total price! If you’re considering moving your websites to a dedicated server but aren’t sure if the extra cost is worth it, this is a great way to ‘test drive’ a dedicated server for cheap.
      And the best part is that Hostgator is allowing existing customers to opt-in to this offer. What you do is add the server through the signup wizard (click the image below), and enter the coupon code DEDISPLOSION when you place the order. Existing customers rarely get the sweet discounts companies use to lure in new customers, so this is quite a rarity.
      Hostgator vps promo codes may 2013


    • This promo code gets you 25% off all VPS Hosting packages.
    • $10 off! This promo code gives you $10 off your order with Hostgator, and can be applied to VPS hosting packages.
    • This coupon code works identically to the one above, giving you the same 25% off:
    • This promotion will get you 20% off all VPS hosting packages.

About Hostgator’s VPS Hosting Service

hostgator vps coupon codes

As you can see from this image above, Hostgator’s VPS service works along a continuum. where you can choose between 9 different ‘tiers’ of service for your website. This of course can be a bit confusing, so hopefully this guide will help you sort out which type of hosting is good for you.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a type of software that enables servers to run multiple websites on the same server while being functionally equivalent to having a dedicated server customized to your needs. The virtualization means that when your website undergoes heavy traffic, Hostgator’s servers are able to pull resources from idle servers to help with requests, and vice versa. It’s as secure as a physical dedicated server.

How Hostgator’s Tiers Work:

All of Hostgator’s VPS Tiers come with unlimited domains, databases, weekly off-site backups (very important!), full root access and 24/7 support. As you go up the Tiers, you get these extra services:

      • When you get to Tier 3, you get managed hosting, which means that you can call them and they’ll help with a number of issues, including help with setting up your website, DNS issues, network problems, you name it.
      • Also with Tier 3 you get access to cPanel, the standard website hosting interface that most web hosts use.
      • The rest of the Tiers involve an increase in the amount of CPU, Bandwidth, RAM and Diskspace that your website can take up. Unless you’re hosting a media-rich site with streaming video or audio files, you’ll likely never need to higher than Tier 3.

There you have it! If you can’t get by with VPS and need a truly dedicated server, then we recommend Singlehop’s Dedicated Servers. They are state of the art and the company has a great reputation. Check out our page of coupon codes for Singlehopif you’re interested.

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