Hosting24 Coupon Code Coupon Codes for September 2020

Welcome to this summary of current coupon codes for! These codes will get you discounts on the web hosting services the company provides, and help to get your internet business or personal webpage up and running. We test all coupon codes weekly to ensure they are up to date and fully functional. is a web hosting service. Hosting24 will provide space on their server for your website, and you’ll be able to get the “.com” at the end of your web address instead of another company’s name. The company provides a range of hosting services for your website, from simply renting a domain name to helping you out with SEO for your business. Prices are variable depending on the use of your site, with business sites having a higher cost (but more benefits) included in the package.

Monthly plans are available starting at around $3 per month, and then renews at the regular rate. However, if you purchase multiple years up front, you can use these discount codes to save you lots of money in the long run.

Best Coupons Right Now:

Save $2/Month or $24/Year With This Promo Code

Best Deal! This coupon code will save you $24 off all Silver or Gold shared web hosting plans. If you don't want to prepay for a full year, then this promo code will save you $2/month for every month you sign up for.

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Get Your First Month For Just 1 Cent

Sign up for either the Silver or Gold web hosting plans with and you can get your first month of hosting for just 1 cent! While the deal sounds amazing, over the course of a year the first deal in this list (where you save $24/year) works out to more savings in the long run. You need to use this coupon code to take advantage of the offer.

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Save Up To 40% Off All Web Hosting Packages

When you use this promo code, you can save up to 40% off all web hosting plans. The actual savings plans depend on the type of hosting plan you choose (i.e. Reseller, Silver, Gold, etc.).

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Save up to 30% Off Hosting24's Web Hosting Plans

Save up to 30% off Hosting24's web host packages. There is no known expiry date on this promo code.

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Save 40% Off VPS Plans For the Lifetime of Your Hosting Plan

You can save 40% off the LIFETIME of your VPS hosting plan, but you need to do two things: 1) use this promo code when you're ordering you VPS plan, and 2) you need to pay via Paypal. You can still save 40% off the total cost of the VPS plan if you use another payment method (like a credit card). But to get the lifetime savings, you need to pay via PayPal. I don't know why: I don't make the rules...

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Take $24 Off Silver and Gold Hosting Plans

Save $24 off web hosting plans when you use this discount code. This coupon works just like the first one in our list, where you can save $24 off your order. So if that one isn't working for you for whatever reason, you can try this one.

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Save 40% Off Hosting24's Hosting Plans

This is another promo code that'll save you 40% off web hosting plans. It works just as well as the other 40% off coupons in our list.

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How to use Coupons

Every website is different, especially in terms of ordering and shopping carts. Often, it can be hard to find the right place to enter the promo codes even when you do have them, so we hope to make it easier for you with this guide.

  1. When you select the service you want, it will take you to the page where you can change what is included in your order. The coupon code box is always at the bottom of the first section of step one. You may have to scroll down to see it, but it should hopefully be hard to miss as you enter the details of the service you want. The sidebar will say ‘Coupon code:’ and is followed by a blank white box.
    how to enter hosting24 promo codes

    The coupon code box is just above the domain name selection box.

  2. Just type in the coupon code we have provided you with as well as filling out the rest of the details of your order (i.e. your domain name registration). Then click on the green button that says “Proceed”.
  3. When the next page loads up, you’ll see the details of your order. It will also tell you if your coupon code was valid. If the code is working, then your screen will look like this:hosting24 coupon - valid code
  4. That’s it! Just complete the transaction as your normally would, and you’re done!

A Little Background Info on

Hosting24 Coupon Code was founded in the early 2000’s and quickly became reputed for its excellent prices in the web hosting market. The added security from such an established and stable company is a benefit for many customers of the site and its services. The company claim that they have been learning and developing their services from customer feedback since they began, so you should expect a refined, customer friendly service from this company.

Hosting24 is actually owned by the larger Hostinger group, which consists of a broad range of web hosting services. Hostinger is a worldwide hosting company with different services across four continents…everywhere from Colombia to Latvia.

Hostinger’s subsidiary companies are all ICANN accredited, which means that you get direct and secure domain verification.

The Hostinger group have publicly stated that their companies are focused on making internet services affordable for everyone. All of their companies run on a freemium model – basic services are free, but you have to pay to unlock extras.

The Current CEO of the worldwide company is Arnas Stuopelis.

At, you have the option of hosting your website on a server in either the USA, or the United Kingdom. These servers are constantly monitored and maintained by the staff at Hosting24, who are also happy to help out any customer service complaints.

Overall, the Hosting24 business model is designed to keep customer satisfaction high, through low prices and good quality services. on the Web:

Although Hosting24 does have a company blog, it seems fairly outdated (it hasn’t been updated since 2015!) The best way to keep updated with the company appears to be through their Facebook page (we have linked to it further down this page).


The company’s Facebook page seems to be mainly used for promotional purposes, advertising new sales and discounts they are offering. The company also keeps you updated about any new features included in their plans, which is beneficial too.

Their Facebook page is not overly active, with new posts only about once every four days, however they do seem to be prompt in their response to posts from customers with queries.

Hosting24 on YouTube?

While doesn’t have an official YouTube channel, we found a really useful walkthrough video that shows you how to purchase an account from them. Coupled with our guide on how to use their discount codes, you have everything you need for a smooth transaction with them: