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Hostnine Coupon Codes Updated for April 2018

Welcome to our round-up of the best HostNine Coupon Codes! At the top of our list is two custom promo codes that HostNine created especially for our website.
Instructions: Click on the blue coupon buttons below to reveal the discount code. A new window will open up in your browser that will take you to HostNine’s website. Select your desired product, and then when you reach their online shopping cart, enter the code. If you click on these buttons a second time, the code will automatically copy your clipboard, so all you need to do is paste the code in the shopping cart. Click Apply and the new discounted price will appear.

Best HostNine Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • New! Save 20% Off All Hostnine Web Hosting Packages:

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    Best Deal! This is a new promo code Hostnine has created for our readers: save 20% on all hosting plans. There is no expiry date on this coupon code.
  • Save 15% Off All Hosting Plans:

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    Save 15% off your order when you use this coupon.
    We’ve tested this promo code this week and it’s valid. Here’s An Example of the Promo Code Working.
  • Take $5 Off Your Hosting Order:

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    This is another custom coupon code: take $5 off your order. Depending on the size of your order, the $5 or the 15% off code will save you more money, so try them both to see which one saves you more.
  • 15% Off Your Order:

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    Best Deal! This is a one-time 15% off discount that you can apply to any hosting and/or domain package with Hostnine. You save the most money overall if you lock in multiple years of hosting with Hostnine.
  • Save $5 Off Your Order:

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    This promo code saves you $5 off your order. This doesn’t sound like much, but if you purchase Hostnine’s Personal Hosting Plan (see below for a breakdown off all the hosting plans), this discount works out to more than the 15% off promo code above. You can also use it on domain names as well.
  • Get a Free Domain Name!

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    Use this link to get a free domain with any hosting package purchase.
  • Limited-Time Special: Save 50% Off All New Hosting Plans!

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    From September 14th-September 18th, use this coupon code to save a full 50% off all new Hostnine hosting plans. This offer is for four days only, so hurry!
  • 25% Off Your First Invoice

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    Use this link to get 25% off the first invoice on most Dedicated Server packages.
  • Double Your Memory On Any Cloud VPS Plan

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    Use this link to get double the memory on any Cloud VPS plans.
  • Save 25% Off Your First Month:

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    This promo code from Hostnine says that it is good for 25% off the first month of any hosting package, but we had trouble making it work. Hostnine considered it a ‘valid’ code, but it didn’t take any money off, no matter how we tested it. Maybe it’s a bug in their system and it will start working soon. Give it a try anyway: if it saves you some money, great!
  • Limited Time Offer: Save 25% Off All Monthly Hosting Plans:

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    Use this coupon code to save 25% off all monthly hosting plans with Hostnine.

All About HostNine:

hostnine coupon

Hostnine is relatively new to the web hosting scene: the company was founded in 2006. But that is a good thing: the network Hostnine has built uses new high-spec software, with tons of back-up software and built-in redundancy measures. They also have a sophisticated network of interlinked data-centers that automatically figure out the fastest way to handle website requests.
What does all that mean? Essentially, it means that Hostnine has incredibly fast servers with flexible technology to handle traffic spikes and security threats without going down.

The web hosting company also has lots of options when it comes to the types of hosting: they offer Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated hosting. Free email is included in all hosting plans, as is a free domain name when you sign up for one year or more (on shared plans). We have a more detailed explanation of Hostnine’s shared hosting plans further down the post.

How To Use These Coupon Codes:

Hostnine - where to enter promo code

It seems like every website likes to put their “promo code” box into a different location. With Hostnine, the promo code box is located at the very bottom of your shopping cart page. If your computer has low resolution, you may not even see that it’s there.

To get to the shopping cart you need to 1. select your hosting plan, 2. select domain name (if any), 3. Decline “ID Protection” option. After all that you can then enter the promo code at the bottom of the screen. Click “Validate Code”, and the code will be applied. If the code is successful, you will see this message:

“You have applied a promo code to this order!”

If the code doesn’t work, you will get a message that says: “This promo code has expired”, or “This promo code doesn’t exist”.

Shared Hosting Plan Options:

Hostnine shared hosting pricing table

A cool feature of Hostnine’s shared hosting plans is that the highest level: “Enterprise Hosting” only costs $8.95/month and yet has as many features as most VPS Hosting plans of other companies. You get a free domain, free SSL Certificate, free Dedicated IP address and free cPanel hosting.

The basic shared hosting plan is a deal in that you get unlimited bandwidth and storage space for $3.45/month. But you can only host one domain name on the server. I like to have flexibility with my hosting. If I have an idea for a website, I’d like to be able to register the domain and have it up and running in just a few minutes. I’m willing to pay more for that option. If you only plan on using one domain name, however, then that isn’t a factor.
The other downside is that you can’t choose which data-center your website is hosted at. It will be somewhere in the United States at least, but you have no control as to where.

You can choose with the Business and Enterprise level hosting packages.

Best Feature: Choose Your Datacenter:

Most web hosting companies randomly assign you to one of their data-centers. Normally, you have no control over where your website’s server is located. In fact, most webmasters don’t even know where their website is currently hosted. But Hostnine has a cool feature where you can choose which location your website is located. Not only that, but there are three options for the US: Central, West and East. In addition there are three international locations to choose from: Berkshire (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore. The US locations, to be more specific, are: Seattle, Texas and Washington, DC.

As long as your website is hosted within the United States (assuming most of your traffic comes from America), then the difference between Texas and Washington DC won’t make much of a difference in website speed and SEO. if you have a local website (i.e., then having your website’s server located close to where your customers may make Google look more favorably on your website.

[symple_googlemap title=”Hostnine Data Center Locations” location=”Washington, DC, USA” zoom=”11″ height=250]

Around the Web:

Hostnine on Twitter – Follow Hostnine on Twitter for the latest special offers and notices about their service. Hostnine doesn’t update their Twitter feed all that often (there’s a new tweet about once every two weeks), so they won’t clog up your Twitter feed if you follow them.
Facebook – If you don’t have Twitter, you can of course like Hostnine on Facebook. The Twitter and Facebook feeds seem to be identical, so if you follow them on one social media platform, then you don’t really need to follow them on both.
Hostnine’s Official Blog – Hostnine’s blog is actually a very useful blog for web publishers to follow. It has advice on how to speed up your website, security threats you need to know about, and more. For some reason their Twitter and Facebook accounts don’t link to the blog. Which is a shame: there’s lots of good content on their blog.