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Hostpapa Coupon Codes

Hostpapa Coupon Codes for May 2018

Welcome to our round-up of Hostpapa promo codes! Each week we test and verify our list of promo codes to ensure that they are still working and valid.

If you scroll down we will show you how to use these coupons to save money on your web hosting or domain products. We also have informative guides on how to install WordPress, as well as some handy Hostpapa reviews from well-known customer review sites.

Best Hostpapa Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • Save up to $20 Off Starter and Business Hosting Plans!

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    This promo code will save you either $10 off 1-year, $15 Off 2-year or $20-off 3-Year Starter and Business web hosting packages.
  • Save 10% Off Any Hosting Plan

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    Best Deal! Get 10% off any Hostpapa web hosting plan by entering this coupon code. This works for any VPS or shared hosting package, savings can be quite sizeable if you are ordering a more expensive plan (like VPS) or locking in for a longer contract.

    We tested out this coupon code this week to make sure it was working. Here’s proof.

  • New! Get 3 Months Free When You Buy a 3-year Plan:

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    This is a cool new exclusive coupon code that’ll get you a full 3 months free when you sign up for a 3 year plan. This works for all types of new hosting plans.
  • Save 10% Off Hostpapa Hosting Packages:

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    Use this discount code and you’ll save 10% off new web hosting plans with Hostpapa.
  • Get $36 Off Any Shared Hosting Plan:

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    For shared hosting plans, this is the best deal right now: save $36 off shared hosting packages.

    This coupon has been tested this week to make sure it’s still valid. Here’s proof.

  • $50 Off VPS Pro Hosting:

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    Use this promo code to save $50 off a 1-year VPS Pro Linux package. Not valid on the monthly or 6 month packages.

    Just to be sure we checked to make sure this coupon code is working. Here’s proof.

  • $40 Off VPS Plus Hosting Plans:

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    Save $40 off Hostpapa’s VPS Plus Linux package. The coupon before this works for the “VPS Pro” package, and this one works for the “VPS Plus” package.

    This one has also been tested for validity this week. Here’s proof.

  • Shared Hosting From $3.95 Per Month

    Hostpapa is offering their web hosting packages for $3.95/month. There is no coupon code for this offer: instead click the link and the special pricing will take effect automatically.
  • Get a Free Domain Name…For Life!

    Free Domain for Life – Most hosts offer a free 1 year domain registration. Hostpapa sweetened the pot a little bit, offering a free domain name…for life!

How to Use Hostpapa Coupon Codes:

Each online shopping cart puts their promo code box in a different place, and Hostpapa is no exception.

Step 1:

When you first visit Hostpapa’s website, click “Get Started” on their homepage.

Step 2:

You’ll be taken to Hostpapa’s secure order form. This is where Hostpapa puts their promo code box:

Hostpapa - how to use coupon codes

Enter your desired promo code.

Step 3:

After you enter the promo code, complete the rest of the signup process. The new pricing will take effect on the final order screen before you complete your transaction.

And you’re done!

5 Quick Facts About Hostpapa:

  1. Hostpapa is a 100% Canadian owned and operated web host. They are also one of the few shared hosting companies that was not acquired by the Endurance International Group.
  2. Their official motto is: “Let Papa Take Care Of You”.
  3. They offer customer support in English, French and Spanish.
  4. The company used to be ‘shared hosting’ only, but they’ve recently expanded to offer Reseller hosting and VPS hosting plans.
  5. Their data-centers are located in Toronto, Ontario. If you are in an industry that requires your website to be hosted in Canada then HostPapa is a great choice for you.

Where is Hostpapa Located?

The company has offices in both Niagara Falls and Oakville, Ontario, Canada. As a person who has previously lived in Oakville, I can tell you that Niagara Falls is probably the office that everyone wants to work at:

Ever Been to Niagara Falls? It’s a bucket-list destination for sure!

hostpapa coupon codes

Their mascot is adorable!

Hostpapa Resources:

Hostpapa Customer Reviews from: – a user-based forum where customers can leave feedback about their experiences. There are currently over 60 different reviews of Hostpapa, which will give you a good overall sense of what having a website with them will be like.

Webhostinggeeks – Similar in concept to Whoishostingthis: a customer feedback page where you can read about other people’s experiences with Hostpapa.

Overall, the feedback for HostPapa seems to be mostly positive: their low price point being the main focus of that. People who posted less than positive reviews seemed to have trouble with their customer support, although there were several mentions of others having a good experience when dealing with their customer support.

It’s a bit difficult to tell from irate feedback messages, but I have a feeling that the people may have been trying to run websites that were beyond the capabilities of a shared hosting plan which would cause timeouts or 500 errors no matter who you are hosting with.

If you have a lot of files, a large database, or expect a lot of traffic then you probably need something more powerful than shared hosting. One person had mentioned that what was advertised as unlimited bandwidth actually had a ‘hidden limit’. Friend, you will run into that issue with shared hosting at absolutely any web hosting company.

For reasons we can’t understand, it’s become an industry standard to advertise your plan as having unlimited bandwidth, and then state in the fine print that it is unlimited up to a ‘reasonable amount’. What’s a reasonable amount? Nobody knows! You can read more about bandwidth on our help center article.

One complaint I saw come up a couple of times that I do think is a legitimate concern is that site backups is an additional service that must be purchases separately. If you know how to make your own backups and run them regularly then this might not be much of a concern for you, but if not then you might want to find a host that includes the service as a courtesy.

HostPapa Green Initiatives

hostpapa coupon code - green energy hosting

HostPapa is one a few hosting companies to make renewal energy a priority. In fact, HostPapa and their data-centers are powered 100% by certified green renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. How does it work? HostPapa purchases green energy tags equivalent to what it costs to run their operations from a green energy supplier, who then puts that same amount of energy back into the power grid.

Since running servers and data centers consumes a large amount of electricity, HostPapa felt is was important to pursue using green energy and reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. HostPapa works with a few different wind, solar, and animal waste to energy facilities to accomplish this, you can see a full list and more about their green initiatives here.

If having a website that is run on green energy is important to you or your business, HostPapa provides several banner images you can place on your website that will certify it has being powered by 100% green energy. Even if it’s something as simple as choosing a green web host, your contributions can have a big impact!

How to Install WordPress with Hostpapa:

Hosting Providers advertise WordPress hosting as something that comes with your plan. While it does, you’ll still need to install it yourself. We’ve created a quick guide to take you from your Hostpapa dashboard to having a fully-installed WordPress site in just a few minutes. This will help you if you end up getting stuck at some point along the way:

  • Step 1: Scroll Down to the Softaculous Apps Installer:

    how to install wordpress - hostpapa discount codes With Hostpapa, the WordPress intallations are handled by a service called “Softaculous”. It handles most other applications as well, including Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, and more. Click on the ‘WordPress’ icon and it will take you to the Softaculous website. When the description of WordPress appears, click on the blue button that says ‘Install Now’.

  • Choose your url:

    wordpress setup - hostpapa promo codeNext you get to choose your website’s address. You can choose whether your domain name has a ‘www’ in it (For example: or There’s no difference between the two: it’s a matter of preference. You can also change it later in the WordPress dashboard.
    If you have an SSL certificate, you also choose the https-version of your website. Keep in mind that your website won’t work if you don’t have an SSL certificate already installed.

  • Step 3: Choose Your Site Name and Tagline:

    choose website name - hostpapa coupon Next you’ll choose your website title and tagline. The tagline should be some kind of phrase about what your website does. Again, you can change this in the WordPress dashboard after your installation (in case you change your mind, or you’re not ready to commit to a tagline yet).

  • Step 4: Choose Your Admin Name and Password:

    wordpress admin login screen Here’s where you’ll choose your admin name and password. Keep in mind that, even though they pre-select ‘admin’, please don’t ever use that as your username. When hackers try to access your site, it’s the first username they choose (because it’s so common). So, choose a unique username and a strong password. They have a password generator in case you have trouble coming up with one.
    You should also enter your administrator email. This is where WordPress will send you information about updates your website, as well as comments that need moderation. You can change these preferences in the WordPress dashboard later.

  • Step 5: Extra Options: Choose a Theme and Included Plugins:

    hostpapa coupons - theme and plugins Next you can choose whether to install ‘Loginizer’, which will limit the login attempts for your website if someone keeps on guessing the wrong password ( we recommend installing it). You can also choose from a number of themes that Softaculous offers for free.
    Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose these themes for your website. You can decline these options and install one of thousands of free themes from WordPress’ dashboard.

  • Step 6: Click Install:

    Next, enter your email address again (Softaculous will send you installation details once its finished). Then click install, and you’re done! You should give the installation process a few minutes, although it is usually done within 30 seconds.

  • Visit and Log In:

    Visit your website’s login url, which is usually your website’s name and wp-admin. Then enter your login credentials and you should be in. Yay!