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Hotwire Promo Codes

  • Apply these Hotwire coupons and Hotwire promo codes at checkout to get discounts on your next booking. These coupons, discount codes and deals mean you’ll have extra cash to enjoy your vacation!

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hot wire coupons
  • Need some help booking last minute travel tickets or hotels in your vacation wish list? Well, Hotwire has you covered! Whether you are looking for hotel reservations in popular tourist destinations, unsold rooms, affordable car rental deals, vacation packages, or even reasonably priced air tickets that fit your budget, you will be pleased to learn that Hotwire has got you covered.
  • Unlike other travel sites which deal with only hotel bookings, comes with a compressive package which covers your travel needs at every stage. These include:

• Flight deals
• Hotel reservations
• Car rental deals
• Vacation packages

Entering Your Hotwire Promo Codes:

  • Follow these quick steps to apply your Hotwire coupons.
  1. Go to and enter your travel dates and locations.
  2. Select your hotel, flight, and/or rental car bookings.
  3. Copy a Hotwire promo code from our list above.
  4. Paste in your Hotwire coupon code and click apply. Try more Hotwire coupons if you want to get the lowest price possible.
  5. Complete your booking.

How to save on Hotwire Hot Rates Flights:

  • If you are not in a hurry and have a flexible schedule, you can try Hot Rate® Flights. Under Hot Rate Flights, you will not have the chance to know the name of the airline or its flight schedule until successfully booking.
  • However, you will get unbelievable prices for the trip.
  • If you prefer knowing the details of your flight before booking, that also okay. Select your favorite flight and still get great deals for your ticket.

2. Hotel Reservations:

  • Booking your hotel with Hot Wire guarantees you discounts of up to 60%. With a wide repository of over 170000 hotels across Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America, you can be assured that Hotwire will always have something good for you. And even if you are after local affordable hotels or those located in destinations not mentioned above,
  • Hotwire has also not forgotten about you. Rates from Hotwire are based on calculations from their trademark Hot Rate hotel bookings calculated from the previous twelve months then put into comparison with the lowest published rates from leading travel sites.
  • The availability of these rates is limited and also very dynamic. This implies that they are subject to vary depending on your length of stay and booking date.

How to save on Hotwire hotel reservations:

  • Hotel bookings under the Hot Rate service are different. Unlike normal retail travel sites, you first have to enter the location, date of checking in and star rating of the hotel you want. The name of the hotel will then be revealed after a successful booking. However, this feature only applies if you are interested in lower rates. You can prefer knowing the name of the hotel before booking. This way, you forfeit cheaper deals. But if you successfully find cheaper rates for the same hotel within 24 hours, you will get a full refund of your money.

3. Affordable car rental deals

  • If you are looking for affordable car rental deals, Hotwire has offers of up to 50 percent on any car rental reservation. They have partnered with top brand name rental agencies to make it easy for you to find a car that suits your budget, preferences, and style. A wide variety of car brands and sizes is available, with convenient drop off and pick up locations within airports and towns.
  • From cheap car rentals to cheap insurance covers and dedicated customer service, you will car rental deals as low as $11.99 per day. There are luxury car rentals, one way and round trips to ease up your transport needs.
  • The more you know about Hotwire, the better decisions on car rentals you will make.

How to save on Hotwire car rentals:

  • There are even more savings if you decide to use the Hot Rate service. Rates under this service are different from normal ones. I mean, you first enter the car class, dates you will be using it and the city you will be visiting.
  • The rental company will then be revealed after successfully booking the car. Bear in mind that all bookings are final, implying that it can’t be canceled after it has already been placed.

4. Vacation packages:

  • With Hotwire, you can stop planning for your trip and start exploring your favorite destinations. I mean, it helps you search for and create custom and affordable vacation packages so that you can have more time to sit back and relax as you prepare for the trip. You only need to key in your destination, select a combination of your favorite flights, car rentals and select the hotel you will be staying at.
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