InMotion Review

Inmotion Web Hosting Review

InMotion likes to market themselves as ‘business hosting’, meaning that they are trying to provide a 1-stop shop for your business’ online needs including hosting, email, and maybe even web design. If you need a site but don’t know where to start, they can design & setup the website before handing the reins over to you which is not a service that many web hosting companies provide. This is for an additional fee outside of your hosting costs, of course. How much that will be depends on your needs, but they do offer a free consultation and quote.

Never heard of InMotion Hosting? If so, this is one company you should familiarize yourself with. Recognized as hosting industry veterans, InMotion has a respectable customer base of 300,000 domains, and they operate two offices in Los Angeles and one in Virginia Beach. They also own Web Hosting Hub which is more suitable for bloggers and novices.

InMotion was co-founded in 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson, and houses more than 200 employees. They pride themselves in providing their customers with the very best experience possible, winning a multitude of rewards as a result. With each passing year they continue to see profitable, growing success, setting them as leaders among the web hosting space.

Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

The Bottom Line:

  • Standard uptime scores for shared hosting
  • Can choose which data center you want to use, West or East coast (improves site speed)
  • Drag & drop website builder, or 1-click installs for many popular open-source (free) applications
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Email included
  • Web design service (additional charges apply)

Our Uptime Scores:

99.87% – very good

If you weren’t sure, uptime is the amount of time that your website loads when the server it is hosted on is pinged. Basically, the amount of time that your website is actually online. InMotion is sitting right at the average for most shared hosting companies at 99.8%. It’s nearly impossible to find a shared hosting plan that will guarantee you 100% uptime, for that you need to go with a VPS or dedicated server, and it will be more expensive.

The Types of Hosting That InMotion Offers:

InMotion offer some great Shared Hosting plans. On the lowest tier the Launch package grants you an allowance of two websites whereas most other hosting companies only give you one. You will also receive unlimited GB for disk space and monthly transfers, and two MySQL/PostgreSQL databases.

Next up we have the Power plan which is also the most popular choice among customers. The power plan adds an allowance for six websites and fifty MySQL/PostgreSQL databases.

If you need unlimited websites and MySQL/PostgreSQL databases then go for the Pro plan. You’ll also receive unlimited parked and subdomains.

All of InMotion’s Shared Hosting plans come with free data backups, $250 of advertising credits, over 400 applications, and SSD drives.

Their WordPress Hosting falls under similar specs and pricing as their Shared Hosting packages, adding WP-CLI compatibility, FREE no-downtime website transfer, and the pre-installed WordPress platform.

InMotion’s Linux VPS Hosting servers are built upon a cloud-powered infrastructure designed for real time redundancy, free server management, a free cPanel, and much more.

They have three different VPS plans for you to choose from, but their most popular one is the VPS-2000 HA-S. This one grants you 6GB RAM, 5TB of monthly premium transfers, and 150GB of fault tolerant disk space. You’ll also get an unlimited domain allowance and Free Launch Assist with the purchase of a 12 month term.

If this is more than you need then have a look at the VPS-1000 plan. If you’re seeking the ultimate in VPS functionality, benefits and features then the VPS-3000 is for you.

Regardless of which package you purchase, you’ll be given the following features for FREE:

  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard
  • Unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, domains, and websites
  • Solid State Drives (up to 20x faster than spinning hard drives)
  • E-Commerce Optimized
  • Optional Root Access
  • Reseller Access with WHM
  • SSH Access

Their state of the art Linux Dedicated Servers will confidently serve any demand your enterprise requires. InMotion can provide you with either single or dual processors that come with FREE SSDs, allowing you to comfortably scale your operation to any size you wish. At no extra charge, you’ll also be given an integrated cPanel and WHM.

All of their servers are housed in their Los Angeles facilities. Their fully managed servers come installed with LAMP stacks, and the InMotion tech team are available for any custom configurations that you might require.

As far as Dedicated Server plans go, InMotion offer a total of 6 different packages—three falling under the Commercial Class.

If you’re not running a large enterprise or business then the Advanced plan sticks out as the most attractive. With this plan you’ll get an Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 running at 3.9GHz, 8GB of RAM (watch for double RAM specials on their website), 500GB SSD or 2TB 7.2K HDD, Software RAID, 10TB data transfer, and 10 IP addresses.

If you’re ready to start a white-labeled hosting company then InMotion’s Reseller hosting program is read and waiting—it also comes with free SSDs, WHMCS, cPanel, dedicated IP, and an eNom Domain Reseller account.

While they have three different Reseller options, the best bang for your buck is the R-2000s. This plan gets you 120GB disk space, 1,200 monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains, data backups, free setup, premier customer support, and more.


It’s almost impossible to run a business without email these days. We live in the electronic age, and if you don’t keep up to modern standards you’re going to be left behind. Thankfully, InMotion offers unlimited email across the board whether you need Shared, WordPress, or VPS hosting.

NOTE: We couldn’t find any evidence of them offering additional professional email packages.

Security and Other Included Freebies:

As far as freebies go, we’ve covered most of what InMotion has to offer. It’s a lot to take in—almost overwhelming—and proves they are truly looking out for their customers’ wallets.

That said, there’s one more bonus you’ll get when signing up with InMotion—Security! InMotion pride themselves in staying up to date with regards to all security standards within the hosting industry. They monitor server security 24/7, and your website(s) are covered by DDoS protection, ModSecurity and their own unique firewall. Backups run everyday as well.

Customer Service:

InMotion have an incredibly in depth customer support program. Their website has dozens of links to FAQs, Product Guides, Domain Guides, Email Tutorials, Website Tutorials, Tools and Resources, Education Channels, their Youtube channel, and you can even get in touch with other customers through their community support page.

What’s more, you can call their toll free number, use their live chat, submit a support ticket, or contact them through email.


If you have a decent budget to work with, having InMotion design & set up your website for you is a fairly pain-free way to create a website for your business. Given their outstanding customer service record, any future problems should also be relatively easy to deal with. If email is something you need, then that’s another point for InMotion. Their hosting reliability and offered features are up to industry standards, and in some cases exceed them.

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