InterServer Coupon Promo Codes Updated for October 2020:

InterServer has been in the business of hosting websites for 15 years now and offers a solid shared hosting plan for people looking for entry level web hosting. They also offer colocation services for companies that need hardware help for their IT departments. If you are a small business or individual looking for dependable shared hosting then InterServer is a great choice, and the coupons below will get you discounts on their shared hosting plans and domain registration.

Best InterServer Coupon Codes Right Now:

Get Your First Month of Interserver Hosting For a Penny

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Get the first month of shared hosting for 1 cent

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Get a domain for $1.99

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Reduced rates for longer hosting terms

Save 20% off hosting with a 3-year hosting plan. Save 15% on a 2 year hosting plan, 10% off a 1 year hosting plan, and 5% off a 6 month hosting plan. There is no coupon code, but it is part of InterServer's regular offers. When you sign up for hosting, simply select between 6 months or 1,2 or 3 year terms and the discount pricing will automatically take effect. You are able to use the $1.99 domain coupon above in conjunction with the cycle discount.

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Black Friday Sale: Save 50% Off Web Hosting!

This is the only big sale Interserver has all year. They are currently offering 50% off all new hosting packages. But this is for Black Friday/Cyber Monday only. This deal expires Nov. 30th.

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About InterServer:

interserver coupon
InterServer has been hosting websites since 1999. They offer several different hosting options, including shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Colocation. They also have what they call ‘quick servers’, where they can set up a dedicated server for you in 20 minutes. Need a powerful server in a hurry? InterServer can set it up fast. (Note: As of August 2014 their Quick Server plans are currently sold out.)

InterServer is unique in that they build all their own servers, networks and even the Linux kernel. Everything is built to optimally work together. They offer a 100% power guarantee as well as a 99.5% uptime guarantee. They even have a livecam where you can view their datacenter in Secaucus, New Jersey anytime you want.

User Reviews of InterServer

There is only one user review for InterServer on and I take that as a sign that this is a company that primarily targets mid to large size business customers who are less likely to leave reviews than individuals and small business owners. Given that they have their datacenter in New Jersey and their own fiber optic network in the United States I also don’t think they are going after customers in other countries.

However, the one review that is there is positive which is quite promising. The majority of people who leave reviews are disgruntled, so if you don’t have anybody saying something bad about your company that’s a good sign! The reviewer found InterServer to be knowledgable and quick to respond to their questions on email support. I also found a modest knowledgebase while looking through their website, and it appears that they have a live chat option available through their website as well. Their email and phone support is listed as being available 24/7.

Cloud Hosting Plans

This is InterServer’s option for small businesses or individuals. Not all hosts offer cloud based hosting at their most basic level, it’s more reliable than traditional hosting. If you will be moving your site over from another hosting company they will move it for you for free, including all of your email accounts and domain registration, which is perfect if you aren’t exactly sure how to do that. They are typically completed within 24 to 48 hours and a member of the support staff at InterServer will communicate with you throughout the whole process. Once you’ve signed up for a hosting account with InterServer you can contact support for assistance with your site migration. You are also eligible for a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service. I looked around the help forums, knowledge base, and their terms of service but couldn’t find any extra stipulations or loopholes to get them out of actually having to pay the refund. It looks like as long as you cancel within 30 days of setting up your shared hosting account you should be fine, to request a refund you simply just need to open a new support ticket and ask for it.

On the plan details page it mentioned that the bandwidth and storage were unlimited without any little asterisks next to those statements like on other hosting companies. I was a bit suspicious since as far as I know truly unlimited shared hosting is not offered through any web host (it would be pretty much impossible to do that), so I checked their terms of service and was correct in my suspicions. From their TOS:

No single shared hosting account is permitted to use more that 20% of the server resources at a time. A single account is limited to 250,000 inodes at any given time.

They also noted that you are not allowed to host video serving websites, mirror websites, or file storage websites. However it does say that you get unlimited databases and can host unlimited websites on your shared hosting account (provided their total usage doesn’t go above 20% of the server resources at any given time, I suppose) which is quite a good deal for only $4.95 a month, or less if you order 6 months of hosting or more at a time. On a shared hosting plan a lot of other companies would limit you to one database/one hosted site, or a fixed number. InterServer also has a decent number of supported programming languages including Python and Ruby on Rails, no Perl or node.js though. They also include a lot of the standard modules for those languages, and it says that you can submit requests for additional modules to be installed as well. You do also get shell access.

InterServer also offers an impressive 275 scripts and applications available for one-click installation. All the usual suspects like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, and Zencart as well as many I had never heard of. You are covered for Project Management apps, e-commerce, customer support ticketing systems, frameworks (including Zend and CodeIgniter), forums, blogging software (no Ghost though, yet), wikis, and image galleries.

Around the Web:

Twitter – InterServer’s official Twitter page. Follow them to stay up to date on their latest services, as well as tips on running your website more efficiently.

Facebook – If you aren’t on Twitter, you can follow them on Facebook.