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August 2017

When customer service is your top concern, Liquid Web is a hosting company that you will want to carefully consider. Thanks to impressively-fast response times, you should be able to get a reply to your questions and concerns any time or day or night – which is not something that is true of all web hosting providers. Liquid Web has a long history behind it, and it is respected as one of the truly high-quality hosting services around. Liquid Web might not be the right pick for someone looking simply for the cheapest hosting around – but it is the place to go when quality and service are above all else.

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A Little Background Info on Liquid Web:

The story of Liquid Web is one of those internet success stories that was rather commonplace in the late ’90’s. Founded by Matthew Hill in Michigan – when he was just 16 years old – the idea behind Liquid Web was to create a hosting company that offered high-level support at any time of day. Support was hard to come by in the early days of web hosting, so the focus on customer satisfaction was something that quickly earned Liquid Web a loyal following. Today, the company is committed to delivering on its promise of answering phone support requests in less than one minute. If you have spent any time calling other hosting companies for help, you surely know that answering calls in less than a minute is not something that is usually seen in this market.

With some hosting companies, it can be difficult to tell where your data is actually being stored. There are countless resellers in this market, meaning your business might actually be sent somewhere else after you make a purchase with a company that claims to offer hosting. However, that isn’t the case with Liquid Web. Instead, this company owns their own data centers – three in total – so they can maintain them to their own standards. You won’t be outsourced or sent to some mysterious server farm when you deal with Liquid Web, which is nice peace of mind for the serious website developer.

Liquid Web on the Web:

Both Twitter and Facebook are utilized by this web hosting company, and each seems to be used to great affect. More than 26,000 people follow Liquid Web on Twitter, while another 96,000 are following on Facebook. Those totals are impressive, and you will be more impressed when you check out the content that comes across these platforms regularly. Website owners are always looking for ways to improve their sites, and for ways to increase their presence on the web, and both of those issues are addressed through articles and links offered by Liquid Web.

It is interesting to see that there does not seem to be much in the way of customer support taking place on the Twitter account of Liquid Web. That is most likely for one very good reason – the company offers excellent support through other channels. Since you can get someone on the phone in less than a minute, or chat with someone live online in a similar amount of time, there is no reason to turn to Twitter for help. Many hosting companies try to impress others by handling support or Twitter, but Liquid Web doesn’t need to go down that path to win loyal customers.

Liquid Web on YouTube:

The video content that you will find on the YouTube channel for Liquid Web is a combination of entertainment, information, and testimonials. While their videos are certainly worth a bit of your time, the company only loads new content on a very infrequent basis. Don’t plan on seeing much in the way of new video on this channel, but the videos that are there have been done properly.

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