Media Temple Review

Media Temple Review

Media Temple is not your cheapest option for web hosting out there, but as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ and Media Temple certainly delivers on quality of products and services available. They cater more to web developers than hobbyists, but if you are a freelancer or design & development firm they are an excellent choice for high performance hosting that can be easily scaled up if necessary. Extras like included automated backups and security monitoring take some work off your plate, and can help save you from headaches. If your a small business that needs a reliable website for online sales, Media Temple is a great choice for host but you may want to hire a professional to design & develop your website rather than try to set it up yourself.

Media Temple began in 1998, founded by ex-CEO Demian Selloffs and John Carey. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Media Temple is on a mission to help developers, entrepreneurs, designers and innovative thinkers establish a prosperous online presence. They pride themselves in remaining up to date with the latest hosting technology, and stay grounded in their commitment to their customers’ success.

Today, Media Temple manage more than 1.5 million websites in 100 countries worldwide. Over 125,000 individuals and businesses take advantage of their premium hosting packages, and with so many to choose from, Media Temple make it easy for anyone effectively engage their audience.

The Bottom Line:

  • Excellent uptime scores, websites will load normally at all times
  • Good for the more tech savvy webmaster, as well as web design and development firms looking to host many client websites
  • Not a good choice for total beginners
  • More expensive than other hosts, but also provides better services than cheaper hosts (more & scalable bandwidth, automated backups, etc)
  • Lots of security features

Our Uptime Scores:

100% Uptime – excellent

The uptime score measures the amount of time that a website hosted on the Media Temple servers will respond normally when an attempt is made to visit. A score of 100% is the maximum that you can get, so Media Temple is doing an excellent job of keeping their websites online. This is to be expected as you are paying a bit more at Media Temple for a premium service, the industry average for most budget and shared hosting plans is around 98%.

The Types of Hosting That Media Temple Offers:

Media Temple is ready and willing to meet your demands whether they be big or small. Before we get into their various packages it’s important to mention all of their plans support Linux-based hosting, but not Windows.

Their Grid Shared Hosting comes with three different choices, and if you sign up for an annual term you’ll receive the first two months for free.

Their Personal plan gets you 100 websites, 100 databases, 20GB SSD Storage, 1000 email boxes, 1TB scalable bandwidth, and a 2000GPU (Grid Performance Unit). The Pro plan adds 500 sites, 500 databases, 100GB SSD Storage, 1000 email boxes, 2TB scalable bandwidth, 2000GPU, 1 Site Global CDN, and 1 Site Malware Detection and Removal. Last but certainly not least we’ve got the Agency package. This one gets you 2500 sites, 2500 databases, 500GB SSD Storage, 1000 email boxes, 5TB scalable bandwidth, 4000GPU, 5 Sites Global CDN, 5 Sites malware detection & removal, 5 Sites web application firewall.

If you choose an annual plan with the Agency package, you’ll also get one free domain registration and one SSL Certificate for a single website.

Their WordPress hosting is optimized to the exact standards of WordPress pros, and again, there’s three options to choose from here. We felt the Studio plan is the best option, giving you 100GB SSD Storage, 2 million monthly visitors, up to ten sites, two google apps for Work user accounts, and malware detection & removal for up to five sites. For annual sign-ups, you’ll receive two months free, one domain registration and one SSL Certificate for a single website.

Each WordPress Hosting plan includes the following:

  • Easy site migration & setup
  • WordPress-certified 24/7 support
  • DDoS & intrusion protection
  • Automatic WP core updates
  • 30-day backup & restore
  • Site staging and cloning
  • Git, WP-CLI, SSH/sFTP and PhpMyAdmin access

Media Temple’s dedicated severs are fully loaded with all the latest hardware tech including 128GB RAM, multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors, Gigabit ethernet and 1TB of light-speed SSD Storage, adding up to a robust, state of the art machine with enhanced reliability and performance.

You can choose to be in complete control over your servers, giving you full root access. You also have the option in sharing some of the responsibility with Media Temple, or let them manage all of your Dedicated Server needs in their entirety.

There are three Dedicated Server plans to choose from, but the most popular seems to be the second tier Managed Dedicated Server package which gets you the following:

Technical Skills Needed: FAIR – You’re comfortable with control panels
Server Management: Easy-to-use control panel
Support: 24/7 chat, tweet, phone
Root Access: Upon request
Managed Services Included:

  • Basic performance monitoring
  • Automatic daily backups
  • OS & application updates via panel
  • Security & malware scanning
  • Automated malware removal

Media Temple’s VPS Hosting is the perfect choice for your next site or web application. With each tier of their VPS plans comes a 99.9% Uptime guarantee, fast and reliable SSD servers, 24/7 customer support and control panel (your choice).

Their VPS Hosting comes in self-manage or managed versions. The Self-Managed VPS Packages give you six options to choose from, starting with 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, and 2TB Bandwidth. The top tier option gives you 64B RAM, 500GB SSD Storage, 8TB Bandwidth. The other packages fall somewhere in between with both pricing and features. Each plan comes with a choice of four operating systems—Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or CentOS.

The Managed VPS Server packages also come with six different options, the lowest on the pole getting you 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD Storage, and 2TB Bandwidth. Level six grants you 64GB RAM, 600GB Storage, and 8TB Bandwidth. Each plan comes with four choices of control panels from Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Onyx. The operating systems used are CentOS 6 & 7.


Media Temple does not offer any customized email service, so if you need an email with your domain name ( you’ll have to look around for the best prices on 3rd party email packages. We suggest taking a look at HostGator’s affordable options.

Security and Other Included Freebies:

Aside from what you get with your chosen plan you won’t see any additional freebies from Media Temple. That said, everything you will need is already included (aside from email).

With regards to security, Media Temple’s unique Grid technology takes advantage of CloudFlare and Railgun, protecting your website against hackers, phishing, malware and bonnets. It also comes with integrated spam detection, and utilizes SiteLock’s SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) in order to exterminate any nasty code upon immediate detection.

Customer Service:

Media Temple have vast customer service hub, housing a help center, community FAQs, and 24/7/365 phone and online chat support. If you need to talk to a representative you won’t be waiting too long, and you can expect your questions to be answered quickly and professionally.

Media Temple also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. It’s not the greatest offer in the hosting industry, but it’s better than nothing.


In our opinion this is one of the best web hosts on the market today for the more tech-savvy user, however it’s probably more tools and options than the hobby or novice user will need. They have quality products and service, period. If you want reliable and hassle-free hosting and you have the budget to get for something that is more expensive than the budget hosts, we say do it! If for some reason you are not happy within the first 30 days, they do also have a Money Back Guarantee. We think you probably won’t need it though!