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    Updated for February 2017

    There was a time in the early days of the internet where you could only register a domain name through Network Solutions. Initially the National Science Foundation handled the entire domain name registry, but in 1993 the registry was privatized and Network Solutions took control. Other accredited-domain-Registrars like GoDaddy and eNom started handling domain registrations in the late-nineties.

    Even though Network Solutions is no longer the world’s largest domain registrar (it was surpassed by GoDaddy in 2006), the company is still one of the world’s five largest domain registrars.

    Best Network Solutions Coupon Codes Right Now:

    • Register a Domain Name For Just 99 Cents:

      Best Deal! The coupon code above will activate a special limited time only promotion from Network Solutions: 99 cent domains. No coupon code needs to be entered: when you click on the coupon the special pricing will take effect. This promotional pricing offer works for .COM, .ORG, .NET, .BIZ and .INFO
    • Web Hosting for $2.99/Month:

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      Network Solutions has some of the cheapest hosting packages in the business. How do we know that? They have a lowest price guarantee. Network Solutions is offering website hosting from $2.99/month. This promotional offer includes a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 99.999% uptime guarantee. For $4.99/month you can have the same hosting, along with $100 Google Adwords credit and a free eCommerce store, which is really rare for this price range. Again, no coupon code required, just click on the offer and the special pricing will take effect.
    • Register a .ASIA Domain For Just $19.99 at Network Solutions:

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      Use this discount code and you can register a .ASIA version of your domain name for just $19.99/year.
    • Save 25% Off All New Orders of $75 or More:

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      This promo code will save you 25% off New Orders of $75 or more at Network Solutions. Depending on what you’re ordering, this coupon code might save you the most money.
    • Free Domain Name:

      Buy an annual hosting package from Network Solutions and get a FREE domain name (any type: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .BIZ, .INFO & .NAME).
    • Free .MOBI Domain Name:

      FREE .MOBI domain name with a goMobi™ Mobile Website.
    • 99 Cent Domains (Again):

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      Limited Time Promotion: 99 Cent Domains from Network Solutions.

    How to Use These Network Solutions Coupon Codes:

    Some of Network Solutions’ promotional offers don’t require a code, and for those offers all you need to do is click on the link and the special pricing will automatically take effect when you visit the website. You’ll see a message like this when you reach the shopping cart:
    how to use promo codes - network solutions

    If you want to use one of the actual promo codes, Network Solutions makes it very hard to find, so if you’re confused just follow our quick guide:

    Step 1: Order Your Products

    Order all your desired items: domain, hosting, SSL, website builders, etc. Then proceed to the shopping cart.

    Step 2: In the Shopping Cart, Click “Redeem Offer Code”.

    This text is hidden in the bottom left of the shopping cart, just below the green rectangle you see the in the image above. Once you click on “redeem offer code”, it will take you to a whole new screen that looks like this:
    network solutions - how to use coupon codes

    Step 3: Enter the Coupon Code and Save.

    Now that you know where the promo code box is located, it’s pretty straightforward. Enter the code, click “Redeem”, and if the promo code applies to your particular products, the discount will take effect.

    All Little Background Info on Network Solutions:

    Network Solutions Coupon Codes
    Network Solutions has the honor of being the oldest domain registrar: the company was founded way back in 1979. To be fair, they started as a technology-consulting company before becoming primarily focused on domain name registration. With over 6.6 million domains registered, they are one of the top five domain registrars in the world.

    Like, Network Solutions was bought by in 2011. In addition to being a domain name registrar, Network Solutions also offers website hosting, SEO services and PPC management. Their VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans are some the most customizable of any hosting company (i.e. full root access, guaranteed RAM).

    Where is Network Solutions Located?

    The company’s offices are located in Herndon, Virginia.

    Network Solutions YouTube Channel:

    Network Solutions has an official YouTube channel that is full of useful content. They have how-to videos for using new products like NSCommercespace, Take-A-Payment and GoMobi. They also have webinars and tips for ranking better in search engines like Bing and Google.

    More Ways to Connect to Network Solutions:

    Network Solutions on Facebook – Their Facebook feed is very active with interesting posts for webmasters. They frequently link to relevant posts on Mashable and other tech websites when they think the information will help webmasters.

    Twitter Their Twitter feed is similar to their Facebook account, but it also has a lot more interaction going on as well.

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