Newtek Promo Codes

Newtek Promo Codes

Instructions: Click on the button below to reveal the coupon code. You’ll be taken directly to Newtek’s website, where you can enter the promo code when you reach the shopping cart.

Best Newtek Promo Codes Right Now:

  • This promotion gives you a free domain name with Newtek’s eComerce package. There is no promo code, just click the link and the special pricing will activate automatically.
  • Clicking the coupon above activates a special offer from Newtek that most people don’t think about: they offer a pre-approved merchant account when you sign up with their eCommerce plan. In order to process credit card transactions on your eCommerce website, you need a merchant account. That, and they also include all the other features you need (i.e. SSL encryption) for an eCommerce website.
  • This coupon code gives you free setup on hosted Sharepoint servers. If you don’t know what that means, then you probably don’t need it!
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    This coupon code gives you $200 off the set-up of Dual Hex Core Servers.

About Newtek Website Hosting:

Newtek Promo Codes

Newtek’s Mascot is a…Lizard?

If you’re an individual who wants a small, personal website, then chances are you’ve never heard of Newtek. Newtek is a website host that is focused on small business. What Newtek is known for is offering budget friendly hosting to small businesses. Then, when the businesses grow, Newtek is an expert at ‘painless scaling’. Basically Newtek allows you to add lots of features and hardware to your website seamlessly. Anyone who has ‘migrated’ their website from one server to another knows the headaches and downtime are frustrating and costly.

Here’s a cool little video that relates to Newtek: