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Siteground Coupons Updated for November 2020

When you want to start a website, tracking down quality hosting is one the first things you will need to check off of your to-do list. Having a solid host as the home for your site will mean that each and every visitor has a good experience when they load your pages. A poor host, on the other hand, can damage the reputation of your site beyond repair.
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If you are looking for a good web host, you have probably at least considered Siteground. One of the well-known options on the web, Siteground offers a variety of hosting services. Should Siteground wind up being your host of choice, take a look at the coupon codes below to find out how much money you can save on your service. Keeping costs down is key to running a successful site, especially when you are just getting started. Between the great rates that Siteground offers normally, and the additional savings provided through these coupons, you could be off and running for a low cost.

Each of the coupons on our site is tested on a regular basis to ensure that it is still valid and working. Pick from the coupons below with confidence!

Best Siteground Hosting Coupons Right Now:

Save 45-60% Off the Regular Price of Hosting

This is a 'link-activated' special price, which means there's no discount code to enter. Instead all you need to do is click on the blue coupon button and the special pricing will take effect. Last time we checked this offer gave you 45% off the 'Grow Big' Plans (regular price $14.95/month) and a full 60% off Start-up Plans (regular price: $9.95/month)

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Save up to 60% Off WordPress Hosting

Siteground is now offering WordPress hosting packages for as little as $3.95/month. The discounted price is link-activated, so you need to press the blue coupon button to activate it.

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Get UK Web Hosting For £2.75/month Plus a Free Domain

Get web hosting in the U.K. with Siteground. You can get a free domain name, as well as hosting for just £2.75/month. Just click the coupon button above to activate the special pricing.

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How to use Siteground Hosting Coupons:

In order to receive your savings, you will have to find the right spot on the Siteground checkout page to enter your code. Fortunately, we have made that process easy be creating the simple guide below.

    • Click the “ACTIVATE OFFER” buttons above – this will open up a new window that will take you to
    • Choose Your Desired Web Hosting Plan:
      siteground - how to use promo codes

The discounted prices should already be visible. Siteground also has WordPress hosting and semi-dedicated hosting plans for you to choose from.

  • Choose Your Domain Name – You can either use an existing domain name, or register a new one for free! Siteground has one of the widest range of new domain extensions available for free, so you can get a ‘.training’ or ‘.directory’ type of extension for free. Usually these types of extensions cost anywhere from from $30 to $75 with other domain registrars.
    Siteground Domain promo code
  • Fill Our Your Payment Info – This is the final page where you enter your personal information, and add any extras you might need (i.e. domain privacy, site backup services, etc.).
    After you fill out your info, you’re done! It usually takes a couple of hours to fully set up a hosting plan.

A Little Background Info on Siteground Hosting:

Hosting is one of the most competitive markets on the web, so any company who decides to enter this area certainly has its work cut out for them. That fact alone makes it rather impressive that Siteground has managed to persevere in this challenging market for more than a decade.

Founded in 2004, Siteground has grown through the year to the point where it now services more than a quarter of a million domains and employs 140 people. Headquartered in Bulgaria, Siteground offers a variety of hosting services similar to what many other hosts offer, including cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated servers.

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Despite most of the company’s customers coming from the U.S. and Britain, Siteground’s headquarters are located in Bulgaria.

Most people who endeavor to start a website today are going to do so on an open source platform, so Siteground has committed to being friendly and compatible with many of the most popular open source options. WordPress certainly leads the way in that field, but options such as Joomla and Magento are also popular with a segment of the market. Anyone hoping to start a site based on one of these platforms would be wise to at least consider the services offered by Siteground.

One of the important elements in web hosting is the geographic location of the servers that are being used. If you choose a host with servers who are nowhere near the location of your target audience, the performance of your site may suffer. To neutralize that problem, Siteground has servers located in the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore, and is continuing to grow.

Siteground Hosting on the Web:

Facebook – The Siteground company Facebook page is an enjoyable one to view because it offers an inside look at the company itself. Rather than just a stream of advertisements about the company’s services, which is what you will find from some business pages, this account highlights things going on at the company. For example, photos have been uploaded from recent business trips, along with information about upgrades to service.

Twitter – Siteground is also worth a follow on Twitter, however much of the content is duplicated from what is found on its Facebook page. If you are following along on Facebook already, there probably isn’t much need to add them to your Twitter timeline as well. However, the content is still enjoyable, so make sure you track them down on at least one of your social networks.

Siteground Hosting on YouTube:

For the serious website owner who wishes to learn more about how to run sites effectively, the Siteground YouTube channel is essential. There are a number of informative videos posted to the channel, many of which have to do with running Joomla sites. Some of these videos are actually ‘webinars’ which have been created by a member of the Siteground team to help you better understand how to use Joomla for your site.

These webinars are more than an hour in length, so you will find plenty of valuable information when you take the time to view one. The only downside to the Siteground YouTube channel is that they appear to have taken a step back from using this platform, as very few videos have been added in recent years.