All The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Hosting Deals!

Top 10 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for January 2018:

It’s that time of year again! We’ll keep updating the Black Friday deals as they go live.
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More Black Friday Deals:


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      Save 50% off cPanel and WordPress hosting when you use this coupon code with This is a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion, so it will be valid all weekend long.
    • Save up to 98% at

      Namecheap has a legendary Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale where they offer up to 98% off their products, but it is only for 2 hours at a time. As the weekend goes on, keep checking back and you’ll fine new insanely discounted prices on domains, hosting, SSL, and more every two hours. No promo code required for these offers. Just click the button that says “Activate Offer” to see all the deals currently being offered.
    • Save 33% Off at LiquidWeb!

      jcorgcrcoupon slug=’liquidwebpromotions’ id=’528′] Liquid Web rarely has a sale, so this is a big deal: save 33% off servers for Black Friday! Also, they are offering other cool deals, including $90 off Managed WordPress hosting, 48% off dedicated server bundles, and 33% off VPS hosting! No promo code required for these promotions.

Top 11 Cyber Monday Hosting Deals for November 2017:

Creating and hosting a website is surprisingly affordable, especially if you take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. Nearly all web hosting packages include a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and storage space. Thinking of starting a new website? You can have one up and running today at the best time of year!

There are so many deals running right now that we had trouble narrowing it down to just ten. We selected only those web hosts that have stellar reputations, and have discounts that are substantially below their regular prices. Here are our top picks!

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Thinking of Starting a Website? This is the Best Time of Year.

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As you know our website posts promo codes and coupons for nearly every web hosting company under the sun. In our 4 short years of existence we’ve been through three Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, and we can tell that this is definitely the best time of year to purchase web hosting., for example, only has one sale per year: 50% off on Black Friday. You might not think of website hosting as something where ‘Black Friday’ would be a big deal (you can’t give it as a Christmas gift, for example). But it just seems like every business is jumping on the bandwagon. So why not take advantage of it and pay less for your new business idea?

How to Choose The Right Web Hosting:

Thinking of starting a website, but you’re new to the whole ‘buying web hosting’ game? No problem, we’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ve got it down to a science.

For the most part, when you are first starting out, shared web hosting packages are more than enough for your needs. If you’re just starting out you likely will not have a huge amount of web traffic. Once you start having over 10,000 visitors per day to your website, then you may want to consider upgrading to a VPS (which stands for ‘virtual private server’) hosting plan.

Do I need WordPress hosting? In a word: no. WordPress is a free and open-source application that you can easily install onto your website in two or three minutes. When you purchase WordPress hosting plans, you are paying someone to install a free application for you. The only time you should consider it is if you really, really don’t know what you’re doing and don’t care to.

Is Unlimited Bandwidth really unlimited? No. Every shared web hosting plan advertises unlimited bandwidth, but none of them truly are. What they mean to say is, if your website does not cause the server its hosted on to crash repeatedly, they will leave you alone. If your website uses so much bandwidth that it does cause problems, these companies will suspend your website and ask you to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server than can better handle your website. Hostmetro is one company that promises never to suspend your website, but will put it on a ‘temporary server’ and ask you to upgrade. This is just something to consider if you think your website will become very popular pretty quickly.