Windows Azure Coupon Codes

windows azure coupons

Windows Azure Coupon Codes

windows azure coupon codes

Windows Azure from Microsoft isn’t a web host in the traditional sense, but they are a cloud hosting service for web applications. Or more specifically, it’s a cloud application platform, which allows developers to create applications while using Azure’s datacenters to run and store its data.

Best Windows Azure Coupon Codes Right Now:

About Microsoft Azure:

I really, really, tried to write a summation of what Microsoft Azure is. But frankly, I didn’t understand it at all. I assume that since you’re here, you know what Azure is and what it can do. You probably just need a coupon code to help you save money off their services. Just click the link above and you’ll save $200.

As far as I can tell, it’s a cloud application service like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud. That’s all I got. Sorry.
If you’re still confused you can try reading the wikipedia article on it. It didn’t help me, but maybe you’re smarter than I am!

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