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Want to buy hosting for your website but don’t want to pay full price? Whether you are looking for coupons for Shared (the most popular), VPS or Dedicated hosting plans, we have ventured around the web to find the latest promo codes to help you save some money.

This top 10 list is not ordered purely on the price of web hosting, but an overall score based on the companies’ reputation, features offered, and price. For example, GoDaddy is one of the priciest web hosts for a shared hosting plan, but it includes so many features and support that it rivals most other web hosts’ enterprise plans. Plus we have coupons for 75% off their hosting services!

New Section: Business Travel!

We at Couponcodehoster.org are expanding our deals to focus on more than just web hosting. We’ve teamed up with the major travel companies to start offering deals on flights, hotels, and more. We tend to be a business-focused website, but these deals aren’t exclusively for business travellers. Anyone can use these promotional offers to save:

Travel Company:Best Current Offer:
1. Travelocity$150 Off Flight+Hotel Packages
2. Hotels.com$100 Off Cash Back Rebate
3. Expedia$150 Off Vacation Bookings
4. Hotwire$30 Off $200+ Bookings
5. Avis$25 off $175 Car Rental Bookings

Future Coupons are Coming:

We’re about to launch even more web hosting companies, as well as more tech-oriented products that will help you become the ultimate in business-savvy budgeting. Stay tuned!

How to Choose a Web Host

Choosing the right company for your website can be confusing. And especially so if you’re a beginner with no knowledge of coding and programming languages. The good news is that you don’t need to know code at all to create a website these days!

1. Start off with a Shared Plan

Generally speaking, if you’re just starting out and making a website for the first time, there is very little need for VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server. Tests done of shared servers versus dedicated servers indicate that there is very little difference between the types of servers on small websites. As your website grows, however, you may want to upgrade to these options. Some companies like Greengeeks only offer shared hosting, whereas Media Temple is geared more towards enterprise level websites, so the transition to a VPS would be seamless.
The Best: – Blue Host offers great service at all levels and 100% uptime guarantee.

2. Customer Support

If you’re calling customer support for your web site then you’re already pretty frustrated. Having to wait on the line for hours and then getting unfriendly service is the absolute worst. Some offer guarantees about how fast they will respond, other companies have helpful wikis to help you sort out common problems yourself. Many are now offering guaranteed USA Customer service, which is nice knowing that your web-host is creating jobs locally.
The Best – It’s a tossup between Media Temple and Blue Host.

3. Research Reliability and Uptime

In studies conducted on this website, a good percentage of you indicated that your website’s uptime is very important in your purchase decision. After all, why not? The more reliable your website operates, the more visitors (and potential paying customers) are able to use your website.

You can research a particular company’s uptime reputation through online forums and anecdotal evidence, but that is far from scientific. People are much more likely to report bad experiences than good ones. So how do you find all the happy, silent people out there?

We’re conducting a pretty massive uptime survey using websites from over a dozen major hosting provders to help answer this question. Using uptime monitoring software, speed tests and more, we’ll have the results up shortly.

But here’s a preview. So far the most reliable hosts (in terms of uptime and speed) are: Hostmetro, Godaddy, Blue Host, and iPage.

4. Money Back Guarantee

A little peace of mind goes a long way. If you want to try out a hosting provider before fully committing your website(s), there should be a money back guarantee offer. Most companies offer a 30 or 90-day money back guarantee, but some go above and beyond that. Just Host, for example, offers an ‘anytime’ money back guarantee. That means if you want to cancel your one year service plan six-months in, you get a refund for the remaining six months.
The Best: JustHost and their anytime money back guarantee.
The Worst: GoDaddy. You have to call them, and they will decide on a case by case basis whether you warrant a a refund.

Who’s Our Pick for the Best Web Hosting Company of 2020

homepage image

We’ve decided to expand the scope of Couponcodehoster.org to go beyond just coupon codes. We now have how-to guides and reviews to help people learn more about what web hosting is and how they can choose the best type for their needs. In our research we discovered that, while lots of websites have opinions on the best hosting companies, there was very little hard data to back up opinions.

So we created a project: we hosted dozens of domains with different hosting companies and tested them using hard numbers. We measured the average site speed, uptime, and how they handled stress tests (i.e. lots of unexpected traffic). We also assessed customer support to see how helpful (and how fast) these companies were.
After an exhaustive data-gathering campaign we have just released our picks for the absolute best of the best.

Click Here to View the Best Hosting Companies.

CouponCodeHoster.com’s Help Center:

To help prospective webmasters choose the right hosting for them, we have created a number of informative tutorials to help you learn more about blogs, domain names, and more. Here’s a sample of some of the many How-To Articles we have:

  • What is a Blog? – It’s a name that gets thrown around all the time. But exactly constitutes a blog? What differentiates a blog from a standard website? We explore the issue and try to come up with a straightforward definition.
  • What is a Domain Name? – We should also add: and why do we need it? How your website’s domain name helps website visitors connect to your website. A short history of the domain is also given as well.
  • What is Bandwidth Anyway? – Every hosting company makes promises about the amount of bandwidth you are allotted. But how much do you need really? And how
  • What is Shared Hosting? – Earlier in this post we recommended shared web hosting for when you first start out. But what is shared hosting? What are the potential pitfalls and potential benefits of it? We lay out everything you need to know about shared hosting.
  • What is Dedicated Hosting? – You’ve probably seen Dedicated Hosting being offered and wondered what it was (and why it’s so expensive). We explain what it is and when you need it.
  • VPS Hosting: Is It Worth It? – VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is the fastest-growing sector of web hosting. We explain why your website may need it in order to grow.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.